Wednesday, April 27, 2011

zyen rashid collection zyen rashid collection

p-and-coming designers from Peshawar ZR Zayn Rashid has started his career in fashion designing 5 years back and participated in 3 fashion shows. Second in Islamabad (Fashion Gala 2011 and ITP Awards) and one in Peshawar to showcase his menswear collection.Zayn Rashid has launched his summer collection 2011 in diverse style. The name of Zayn’s latest summer collection name is Colorida Allure which means Colorful Attraction, which we can see in his dresses. Every design in Zayn’s summer collection for women has different colors, cuts and designs while dresses for men by Zayn Rashid are easy and decent which give a pure manly look in a stylish way.This summer ZR Designs are one of the best collections you can see. Price range of ZR Collection is between Pakistani Rupees 2800 to PKR 4000 which is very low as compared to few big names and the quality of cl,oth and designs a,re very mu,ch better than of, others., The whole co,llection is very vibrant, colore,d and have be,autiful cuts., Every on,e who will wea,r it feel very comfo,rtable and re

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