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Best Long Lasting Lipstick Reviews 2012

Without the lipstick our lips seems to look dry and as a result the face also appears to be imperfect. Some of the girls often like applying bright lipstick shades for the lips and most of the girls take hold over the soft and light colors but apart from the colors the lips can only look attractive when the lipstick is applied in perfect mode that should lasted forever till we didn’t remove it our self. In this article we are discussing some of the essential steps that play an important role in the application stages of the lipstick.

Pakistani groom dresses 2012

Align Center
Furthermore in viewing the groom fashion accessories then they keep themselves limited till a beautiful wrist watch and a stunning bracelet that would surely gives an extra addition to the personality of the groom. Apart from all such things the most prominent thing is the selection of the sherwani. Always try to go for the light and soft colored sherwani because it goes well suited for the groom such as blue, grey, black or red. In addition if the sherwani comprises a light color then the groom must gave an attention to the turban that is normally known as Kulla that is worn on the head for giving a royal look.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Western Trendy Dresses Collection

In the past LABELS has retailed some of Pakistan’s most prestigious designers including Maheen Khan, Deepak Perwani, Zara Shahjahan, Nayna, Samyra Rashid, Nomi Ansari and Gulabo.

Currently LABELS retails Maheen Kareem, Elan by Khadijah Shah, umar Sayeed,Jannat & Sadaf, HSY, Faiza Samee, Sania Maskatiya, Sanam Chauhdri, Sara Shahid and many more all under one roof to provide you with a vast wardrobe choice to suit your personality and mood.Here Latest Western Trendy clothes fashion shoot 2012-2013.

Bridal Couture Week 2012

Pakistan was established in year 2009. Argentum has designed wide range of antique and stone studded Necklaces, Earrings, Matha patti, Mang tikka and Rings and showcased them a their fashion show. Bridal Couture Week – April 2012. This was Argentum’s first ever solo Fashion show. Argentum divided our models into 4 categories to show jewellery for the 4 functions of a typical Pakistani Wedding.

Pakistani Bridal Feet Mehndi Designs

The geometric shapes are very common in North America, however, in India, intricate and lacy designs are preferred. Beginners must try with simple designs in the beginning and try to draw Beautiful Mehndi Designs all over the feet for practice. This is because; it is very difficult to draw henna designs on feet and needs a lot of practice.

Dress Shoe Shoes 2012

Shoes can make or break a man’s outfit. Tie everything together with the classic black or brown dress shoe. I’m partial to the square toe mainly because I have clodhoppers for feet and need the extra width.

This is a classic shoe 2013

Now we have that clear we can get on to what dress shoes are? If you don’t already know, dress shoes are the shoes that are your most formal of footwear. There are shoes that are classier but still works as casual, i.e. loafers, driving mocks and boat shoes. All very stylish but they don’t belong in this category. Dress shoes are the ones that you’ll be wearing with your suits/tuxes etc.
Your classier piece. It’s the Berbatov of the shoe world. The west London girls as apposed to the south .

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Zebra Eye Makeup For Halloween

Halloween is very lovely event when all girls wish to wear scary and lovely makeup so that they look different then others.zebra eye makeup is best makeup for halloween.this makeup is absolutely amazing as it has brought a variety of stylish zabera makeup wear dark liner thick black makeup and wings.its funny and cute always .

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bridal Feet Mehndi Designs

With the changing times, the type as well as style of bridal mehndi has also undergone a vast change.

Handbag With Top Zipper Closure

Toet green handbag  with top zipper closure  is very beautiful and lovely .These are made with soft leather and very light in weight.Green color are matched with gold tone.Its cool looking tote with stylish pockets.These purse are compact enough to keep in your desk or car.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Skin Care In Winter

Some people feel that the winter season is the best of all the seasons that are found on our earth. They are not wrong in some extent, but the people who live in the colder regions of the world may have different opinions. The irony lies in the fact that none of them is wrong. As the winter season starts in particular region of the earth, the weather becomes cold and in some places it becomes extremely cold. The winter season is drier by nature as the content of the moisture gets minimized because of lower speed of evaporation. Due to the drier and windy atmosphere, the human body suffers from some specific diseases. Your skin also faces some sort of extremities and gets rough. It loses its natural grace and appears dull and looks unpleasant. Therefore, there is a great need to look after the skin of your body to help it to maintain its grace.

As per the extreme effects of the cold weather conditions, your skin gets largely affected because it loses the natural quantity of moisture in it. You can feel some sort of roughness in your body especially in the areas of your hands, face and lips. They look dry, hard and chapped. In order to make the skin glow with natural color and grace, you must make a skin care regime for yourself. You can take help of the beauty experts who are specially trained to maintain the health of your skin. You must follow the skin care regime everyday and then you can experience the natural glow of your skin.

The following tips for the skin care during winter can help you to maintain a fantastic look on your personality:

• You should take a bath everyday with lukewarm water.

Winter Coats And Jackets 2012

Because of the recent cold weather, it’s more important than ever to get a decent winter coat. The UK has started stocking better selections of highquality, warm winter jackets that are far better suited to keeping bodies warm as the temperature plummets. What’s more,it’s still possible to get these cosy, weather defying jackets and look fashionable too. Taking tips from long suffering winter countries like Canada and the north east of the USA, Great Britain has found that it can keep warm and still look good while fighting the elements off in an attempt to stay sane in this hideously cold weather! And if you don’t have a decent winter coat for yourself, it’s time to start looking for one.

winter Dresses Fashion 2011 2012

One trend we’re relishing this winter is the glorious forties. This super luxe look is all about drape, cut and
showing off those curves. Classic 1940s vintage dresses are fitted at the top, often with buttons, and with
gorgeous flattering mid length skirts, and bias cut evening gowns are even more glamorous. Also think
accessories, feathers or flowers in the hair, fur capes and stoles, headscarves and gorgeous vintage shoes.
Make every day a tea dance day this season! Jewel Tones

Beauty Tips For Teenage Girl

Being a teen in today’s world brings numerous pressures from culture to look good. The media is full of beautiful faces that add to the stress of growing up. Teenagers have different skin care and make-up needs than mature women. The following makeup tips for teenagers cover a multitude of problems. At an early age, a light moisturizer may be called for but do not use heavy creams make for dry skin. Choose a product that is formulated for light skin care maintenance and does not block your pores.

A heavy moisturizer will probably wreak havoc and cause pimples. Try using a light moisturizer only once a day, before bedtime. Acne is the plague of youth, but with the above items, most pimples can be covered well if not completely. The key is to choose both concealer and foundation that match your skin tone.

Soft and subtle are the two keywords that teens should keep in mind whereas doing makeup. The colors that work best for them are the ones that are nearby to their natural skin tone or add just a bit of color to their faces such as shades of pink, coral, neutral brown and gray.

Beauty Tips for Girls:

Most teenage girls begin wearing light make-up around the ages of 12-13 as they become more aware of their appearance. There are a few steps that any teenage girl can use to transform into a blooming beauty in a jiffy. Use a concealer pencil that matches you skin tone to cover any skin imperfections, acnes, skin blemishes, scars or dark circles. Foundation for teens is not necessary. While it can clog your pores, it will also look overdone.

Skip the foundation and use a concealer on your blemishes only. Apply soft gray eyeliner to line the lashes and blend it well to the outside edge. Apply one coat of brown mascara but if you have naturally black eyelashes, you may also employ black mascara too. If you have a warm skin undertone, use sheer application of peach blush but if you have a cool skin undertone, use soft pink shade. Blend it well using cotton ball.

Lemon Sugar Glycerine Skin Beauty Tips:

Take 1 tsp of fresh cream, 1 tsp of sugar, and half of lemon and massage into the hands until all the sugar granules melt completely. This should perfectly be done every day for 2 to 3 weeks for effective results.

Beauty Tips For Teenage girls

Teens have the advantage of all that natural and younger looking skin so, the use of their natural make-up and should be as light as possible. Subtle is best with children and young people, and make-up must match the teen skin tone as much as possible. There are many makeup tips for teenagers that your teen will turn to a natural beauty without too clear!

Apply just enough blushes to improve teenagers face a subtle yet significant. Blush, when used on the cheekbone, a definition which is not to create. This is best achieved when blush is applied to the area between the eyes, nose and cheekbone.

Parents and teens may be reassured if they know what they do. If children and young people, their skin is still very delicate and smooth. They are naturally beautiful. Cosmetics affects the skin, care is more important. Skin types vary; some may have strong reactions to chemicals. This should not be used and can choose to use other natural products or those who perfect their skin.

Finding the right balance of makeup for acne scars is not easy. You do not want to leave home, or without, though. It can be very embarrassing to look at yourself in the mirror every morning, but to see the ravaged face of your teen acne you have. Acne is one of the most common skin problems in the United States. More than eight to five percent of Americans suffer from a pimple on one time or another.

The first thing you need to keep in mind about how to put on makeup for teens is that much moisture your skin needs. You need to use moisturizers that do not harm your skin, but he gives it life. Drink plenty of water helps a lot. You can use the powder after it pressed down until your skin. Make sure you even out.

Makeup should be used to improve your overall look, not overwhelm you. Very often, teens want to look good, but they unknowingly piled on makeup more than necessary. Make up for teenagers should be kept minimal and stylish. Watch makeup tutorialsand makeup tips for teenagers reading will help generate a clearer picture of your personal style.

Dark Nail Polish Tips

If you print the nail polish outside careless, you can use cotton swab to stick a little nail polish remover to fix it up. Then you can print the glitter polish to keep the durability of color. We recommend Sally Hansen nutrient nail polish remover. It has unique nourishing formula which can remove nail polish quickly and softly. And it doesn’t have diisopropyl, Toluene and formaldehyde, so it can be used more safely. You can try to use SEPHORA bright nail saver, please remember that it can be used before nail polish drying, or you can use Sally Hansen.

Tips one: It is easy to fall off that printing too thick nail polish. In order to avoid this situation, you can print two times lightly and thinly, and leave enough time for the first layer drying.

Tips two: The quality of each nail polish is different. If you print the nail polish, and it doesn’t reach the effect you want. You can consider changing other brands of nail polish.Recently, our editor used Chanel No.509 -the newest nail polish. The above picture is the effect of printing twice, which appears flat and smooth not stripes complained by net friends. Please try quickly.

Wedding HairStyle

Updos are the most preferred wedding hairstyle selection of several brides due to many reasons. This hairstyle choice is well-designed and topmost choice. It is even practical. You will get to see the broad collection of updos to select from if you have chosen an updo wedding hairstyle. As there is a broad collection of updos available; you will not get a difficulty to choose something, which fit well the shape of your face. If you are looking for timeless wedding updos then you have come at the right place. Here, we have given a short overview on them. You can also get to see the wide collection in prom updos online.

2012 Fashion Trend

While heavy wool or lined pairs might not be ideal for the heat, wide legged pants in lightweight fabrics or denim can easily make the transition to spring. Lighten up dark coloured pants for the warmer months by pairing them with light colours up top – and swap the boots for wedges or high heeled sandals.An easy option for heading out after hours, it’s is a classic that goes well beyond the A/W 2011 season. For spring white or cream takes are a dream with everything from dresses to shorts – but fall’s classic black dinner jacket is also a keeper.