Friday, August 26, 2011

Earrings Are Still Cool 2011

In today’s world there are a lot of trends flying around and a lot of them are trends seen over the past five decades. From the early 50’s to late 90’s there are styles coming back to either haunt us or to give a classic vintage flare in today’s fashion world. High tops, spiked belts, sweat bands, leather jackets and even small platinum hoop earrings have all made a comeback.

Diamond Ring 2011

This exceptional ring is crafted in your choice of engraved 14K white or yellow gold. It features one oval cut 5 x 4mm and two oval cut 4 x 3mm alexandrite stones in prong settings. It is perfectly accented with six full round cut diamonds in prong settings.

The total alexandrite weight is 0.80ct and the total diamond weight is 0.09ct (both approximate). The diamond color is H-I with a clarity of I1-I2. The setting size is 9/16″ x 5/8″ with a height of 3/16″. It also has an undergallery for added beauty and comfort.

Part of the Generations 1912© Collection. Includes a one year warranty from the date of purchase. This covers ring sizing, tightening and refurbishing, providing the item has not been altered or tampered with.

All weights pertaining to diamond weights are minimum weights. Additionally, please note that many gemstones are treated to enhance their beauty.

Bracelets For Girls

Your sttink for the infinite Heart and Chain anklet in 14kt Gold could go on and on. (B5924) 9″ $79, 10″ $89.
# Weighs approx 1.1 grams
# Bracelet has a spring ring clasp

Bracelets 2011

Sterling silver charm ankle bracelet investing in hanging grey & yellow enamel dragonflies. (146BCA58) $39
# Weighs approx 3.5 grams
# Spring ring clasp
# Dragonflies hang 1/2″ and measures 1/2″ wide
# Adjustable based on data from 10″-11″ long
Price: $39.00


Darling charm bracelet of 14kt gold dangles a key to your core provided flowers and stars. (B2917) 7″ $698.
# Lobster claw clasp
# Also comes in a 9″ ankle bracelet for $895, please specify
# Made in Italy
# 7″ Bracelet weighs approx 11.2 grams of gold
# More charm bracelets and anklets confirmed below
Item# B2917 $698.00

Very Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs

There are many early learners ladies who do not make very complex designs on their hands or feet and they want to find simple designs that are easy to make. So girls we have very simple but eye catching Mehndi designs that are easy to make but look very pretty on your hands and feet.You can make these designs very easily and in will take less time but give you great look. Some girls like to put mehndi on their palm and some like to decor the other side of the hand we have designs for both sides of the hand and very simple but gorgeous feet design that make your worth in mehndi art.

Latest Bridle Sets Collection

Latest Bridle Sets Collection is the bridal jewelry collection that have all type of bridal jewelry accessories which a bridal need to wear with her bridal dress.Now a days girls are much more conscious about their wear about and when a girl going to be married then she want to put her best jewelry in her very special day when every one look at her and most important her groom.

Here is our very special Latest Bridle Sets Collection that fulfill your need of choosing finest jewelry for your wedding day so check it out!

Diamond Jewelry Rings

Diamond jewelry is the most popular among the jewelry lovers and due to their interest diamond jewelry makers and designers are continuously trying to introduce more and more attractive designs that really like by the people.

Here we bring some incomparable diamond jewelry designs lets check it out for your special day, yes i am talking about you wedding and engagement day.

Costume Jewelry Designs

Costume Jewelry is the most popular among teenage and it is like to wear by girls in every kinds of formal and informal occasions.This is light weighted jewelry that is available in many beautiful designs.If you don’t want to wear gold or diamond jewelry then this is the best way to get perfect look for party that is match with your dress, here we bring some very attractive and unique Costume Jewelry Designs hope you like these very pretty jewelry designs, check it out.

Bridal Party Jewelry

Are you going to be married then we have some thing for you for this special day,yes this very very delicate and precious jewelry set that will make your day.

Easy Mehndi Design 2011 For Eid

Hence one of the best ways out there to adorn you is through the application of henna, or mehndi! Basically, there are two principal types of henna to select from, namely the white henna and the black mehndi. In terms of style and designs, you’ve three major forms to decide from that is to say the Indian mehndi designs, the Pakistani mehndi designs and the Easy mehndi designs.

Jewelry That Will Make You Unforgettable

There is need of an accessory that will suit your style and in this respect you need not to wear lot of jewelry that is one or two enough more than two or three will give you a vulgarian look so be careful while choosing some thing for you that must match with your style.

Earrings For women 2011

Women by nature want to look beautiful and for this she like to wear gorgeous dresses along with beautiful attractive jewelry that make her look very pretty.When you are going to any family or friend party you wish to be most beautiful at that party for this you choose your best dress that relate with latest Fashion Trend And your makeup no doubt the most important thing but your style and look can be polish with the right choice of jewelry that suits your facial shape and earrings that are in round shape suits every kind of face shape as long,round or v shape face try this which suite you best and match with your dress too.

Earrings Adds Your Beauty

Dangle Earrings are mostly like by younger generation.This kind of earrings are use to attain funky and glassy look,Plastic Dangle Earring gives you funky look while gold and silver earrings give you glassy look.

Dangle Earrings are available in many colors and made of many different metals that provide you perfect match with your every color outfits.Some Dangle earrings has hook to support earlobe and your dangle earrings.Dangle earrings are the part of hip hop fashion and from the past till now a days it is constantly evolve but the basic design is same as in past time,But still favorite of every fashion loving lady.

Pearl Necklaces 2011

Pearl Necklace are very attractive for ladies and as well as cause of attraction of guys towards the lady.The value of this jewel determine by the combination of luster and its color as well as lack of surface flaw and symmetry.No doubt silver and gold are ever green fashion but Pear also have special and unique importance in Jewels.

For many people it has religious value as In Hindu sculpture there were first nine pearls were very important,which was first document in Garuda Purana.

Pearls present in eight basic shapes by which designer make wonderful earrings and Necklaces that cast their spell on the observer as well as on the person who wear it.

Three Stone Diamond Rings 2011

Three Stone Diamond Rings are the wedding day special gift for brides from their grooms. Here we bring some really master piece of superb rings that can convey your love towards those whom you care and love. Many people like to wear diamond ring because of their birth stone. Here we are not talking about birth stone we just bring some unique designs of diamond rings consist of three small or little bit larger diamond embedded in many cool designs that definitely catch the eyes of observers and they force to stair at you at least for a while.

Prom Jewelry Sets

Prom jewelry is one of the women favorite jewelry type that they like to wear specially on Prom Parties as well on their wedding.Actually this jewelry type is famous among the ladies of all ages.Here we bring some nice pictures of Prom Jewelry that catch your eyes and when you wear such designs it will make you an eye catching personality that drag the attention of your lovers, if you have complain from your boy friend not taking much interest in you then one effectual tip is to wear Prom Jewelry to get his attention toward you in your prom party.

Indian Bridal Jewelry

Indian Bridal Jewelry is most well like among brides of Asia as well as the people who like to wear Asian jewelry. Indian are very devoted and the designers of India know the taste of women and they know exceptionally well how to decor a bride with superb jewelry. Here we bring some very appealing and eye catching Indian Bridal Jewelry sets that will sufficient to execute your beauty requirements.

Custom Wedding Rings

Just after the selection of your soul-mate your next step is to decide the day or days for your wedding.For your special day you want to go for the search of perfect wedding ring that not an ordinary ring as this will tell people about your feelings for your beloved.Your wedding ring is the best way to represent ownership to your life partner, it does not mean you will bound of your partner but this will the love bound that keep you near to each other. So Custom Wedding Rings are the best wedding rings for your special special day.If you decide to buy Custom Wedding Rings then search it on net to find maximum options for you then buy a perfect ring of your own choice.You can also design your own ring as many online jeweler give you the chance to design your own wedding ring so that you can show your inner feeling rightly.Here are few suggested Custom Wedding Rings designs hope you will like my little effort in this way so take good care of your self with style.

Earrings Trend 2011

Chandelier Earrings Trend
is right now at the supreme and it is time to add these kind of earrings in your jewelry box.Chandelier Earrings are able to bring glamor and femininity to a girls outfit.You can wear it with all kinds of your outfits you want to go with.These Chandelier Earrings can wear with corporate and traditional as well casual wearing.So girls your jewelry box is not complete without Chandelier Earrings.

Every girl want to look pretty and for the enhancement of her style, such as girls wear elegant dresses, stylish shoes and other accessories but the jewelry is the most valuable fashion accessory in which Chandelier Earrings are the most trendy jewelry for a women.