Friday, April 15, 2011

Applying BlushDo Eyelashes Grow Back?

The first step to getting the perfect blush technique down is to choose a great color. Whether you prefer cosmetics by an affordable brand like Cover Girl or would rather spend a little more on items from a department store brand like Sephora, choosing the right color is the key to great blush results. Look for a color of blush that matches the cheek color you get when you’re naturally flushed from being in the cold or the color your cheeks get after you’ve been exercising. Other tricks to finding the best color can include giving your cheeks a quick smack to see what color appears or to look at your natural lip color (without lipstick) and match it to a blush color.

After you have the perfect blush color, think about which blush formula is best for your skin. If you have oily or combination skin, choose a powder blush. If your skin is dry, choose a cream blush. Liquid and gel blushes also work well for oily skin.

Be sure to apply your foundation first. Many people like to also apply their eye color and lipstick, leaving their blush for last. The point is to contour and accentuate your face without overdoing it and sometimes leaving it for last will help you see how much you really need to use to get the look you crave.

When you are applying the blush, be sure to use a full sized blush brush. Gather the color onto the brush, tap the brush to get excess off and sweep it onto your cheek bone area in an upward and outward motion. Sometimes it helps to give a big smile into the mirror so you can best see where the “apple” of your cheek is.

For a healthy look, only stroke the blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Be sure to go light and blend well.

If you find you’ve overdone it with the blush color and your tone resembles a clown more than anything else, there’s hope! Simple use loose foundation or mineral powder to calm down the color. If you’ve used a cream blush, just use a tissue to blot the color off.

If you want to get great shading from your blush, you’ll need to experiment a bit. One of the easiest methods many expert makeup artists use is the C-shape shading method. This requires you to put a sheer highlighting powder in a c-shape from the temples of your face to the cheekbones. This can help slim your face and contour it without being too overdramatic.

Extra Blush Tips:

When it comes to your blush brushes, you’ll not need to do a great deal of maintenance. But, they will need to be cleaned sometimes. Use baby wipes to clean the brushes every few weeks. If you don’t clean them they could gather germs and transfer them to your face.

If you want a sexy night look, use shimmery blush around the upper part of your cheekbone (near your eye).

When you’re using powder blush, be sure to only sweep it in one direction. If you go in two or more directions, you will cause streaking and won’t be able to get a natural look.

If you are an older lady, cream blush might work best on you. It is very easy to blend, looks very natural and will help with overall skin hydration. Simply use a small dot on the apple of your cheek and blend in a circular motion.

If you’re still not sure what color blush to get, try a dusty rose or very light pink to start with. They match almost any

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