Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dresses longer at the back

are natural companions, so it follows that we’re seeing plenty of ropes being incorporated into both clothing and accessories. Tassels originated thousands of years ago and throughout their history were used as symbols of status:once the 20th century rolled around and moderation became the new aesthetic, the days of ostentatious trimmings faded sadly away.

A shirttail hem is traditionally cut shorter on the sides, with a longer ‘tail’ at the back. In 2011 the trend is more than just a shirttail hem, however: it’s any manner of dresses, skirts or tops that have a hem that’s shorter in front, longer in ba
Not so with bell bottoms and flares for men – this is a trouser and jean style that is happening for both genders. Of course, as it is with most fashion trends, the men’s interpretation is subtler in fact to describe them as bell bottoms might be something of a misnomer. Bell bottoms, you see, conjures up mental pictures of jeans whose hem is wider then your foot is long – but this isn’t the style that’s on trend for men

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