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Butterflies ala Kate Spade

This Summer is definitely a butterfly season for Kate Spade. She created a new Papillion series and this charming necklace is one of them. Exquisitely made out of mother of pearl, crystal and gold tone metal, you can associate this pretty little darling with anything you wear, from office wardrobe to party dresses, it brings life to your overall performance. I don’t know about you but butterflies still rank on top of my list when it comes to jewelry. Cliche I know, but what to do? they’re just lovely!

Charmbracelet is Crazy

Dare to be bold and colorfully different? How about wrapping up this unique and eccentric charmbracelet around your wrist? You’re guaranteed to be the It girl of town. Juicy Couture has specially created this one of the kind bracelet to color your boring outfits! So it doesn’t matter how plain your shirt or dress is, as long as you have this “to-go” bracelet, your dresscode will be approved! Made of gold tone metal with enamel, this vintage-jeweled charmbracelet is ready to be the next big thing

Your Booties Nice and Sweet

If you claim yourself a daring fashionista who always want to be a step ahead from other fashion-forwards, then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind to try out these amazing mesh booties from Colin Stuart. They are so divine that you would want to wear ‘em all the time, thanks to the gorgeous leather floral details. Whether you wear a mini, little black dress, or even jeans, your feet would totally be the attention-grabbers. So get ready! Available in Taupe, Black, and Nude for

Fail, Return to Natural

That’s a very wise advice given by Stila and I couldn’t agree more. We might get tired of bright or dark colors from time to time, that’s why we should refresh our look with something light and natural. This new Natural palette comes just in time for Summer and will definitely do your face justice. Inside this special set you’ll find 10 sweetest hues of the season plus their very famous waterproof eyeliner. You will also get their special look book to help you in creating flawless effects. This is it ladies, the palette you need to include in your Summer make up purse

Juicy Summer to Your Wrist

Bored with sparkles? Then substitute your glam jewelry into something cute and funky, like this juicy fruit bracelet from Topshop, perhaps? Made from mixed plastic, you can be sure that these fruit charms look refreshingly chic! Since summertime is all about fun, so why not as well having this wrapped around your wrist and join the crowd

Feel of Sensuality

They say the key to sensuality is to look good and feel good, but for me, it’s more to smell good! That’s why perfume is a must have beauty product that we simply can’t ignore. Introducing a brand new scent from Guerlain. If you’re into fruity and floral, then you’re gonna love this. It’s a nice blend of bergamot zest, orange zest, jasmine, rose, patchouli, vetiver, green notes, white musk, tonka bean and vanilla. Comes in 2 sizes, 2oz for US$84 and 3.4 oz for

New Generation of Bow

Available in gold or hematite, this is a fun and unique way to update your bracelet collection. Bow bracelet is something usual, but if it looks like these, then it surely is interesting! What makes this new Marc Jacobs creation so refreshing is the snakey chain and the 2 dangling charms that surely bring extra glam. Wear this for your next party and see what others think!

Feet Pretty Without Hurting

Why are evening sandals so expensive? Most of them cost a fortune apparently, but there are some that are affordable and still looking oh-so-fabulous too! One of them is these darlings from Caparros. If you are on a certain budget, then perhaps this pair would make it to your list. Made of satin upper with beautiful petals details, what’s your thought on this on

You How to Flirt With Your

To create a flirty & fabulous eye look, we definitely need a complete eye makeup collection. Where else can we find the fantastic one other than Bare Escentuals? Let me tell you why this set is worth every penny. It includes everything we need to have fun creating eye look that we want. For a price of US$35, we’ll get Eye Color, High Shine Eye Color, Big and Bright Eyeliner, Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara, and Prime Time Eyelid Primer. Completed with a little bit of shimmering finishes, all eyes will definitely be on us, ladie

Your Little Black Dress a New

You might be ready to welcome Summer with shorts and flip flops, but you also need to stack something warm and trendy for your feet! I’m talking about suede shoes for those elegant Summer evenings. If you’re following, then you need to give extra credit for this brand new collection from Max Kibardin. This suede floral pump is adorned with exquisite embellishment that will definitely make fine addition to your LBD! What do you think? Did

You Closer to Nature With

I still can’t decide whether I’m a floral or fruity kinda girl when it comes to perfume. I must say both combination works really well for me. I like it soft and I like it flirty. Finding new scent can be really tricky and I’m very picky when it comes to trying new perfumes. However, I’m quite impressed with the review given for this new Hippie Chic perfume from True Religion. It brings you closer to nature with its soft and delicate scent. A fine collaboration between raspberry, pomegranate, Fuji apple, star jasmine, hibiscus, muguet, sheer woods and musk. Sounds lovely to me

Statement From Topshop

Wow, this is what I called an extravagant statement necklace. Now wearing your strapless dress/top can be so much fun! Coming just in time for Summer, this butterfly collar necklace from Topshop is uniquely different, absolutely stunning and totally eye-catching! Made of gold tone metal with colored enamel, I just love the artistic details, it’s like wearing mini garden around your neck. A definite jewelry for beautiful Summer!

Reveals a Lady’s Secret

Being a lady is a serious business, that’s why we need to be extra careful in selecting what to wear. Lucky for us, Nanette Lepore offers a simple solution by creating this wonderful chiffon top. Available in cream and black, this elegant top gives you instant sultry and classic look that you can match with your favorite jeans! Made of silk, I simply adore the shoulder straps and stunning embroidery along the hem

Focus: Vintage Vixen

A girl can never go wrong when it comes to vintage. If you wanna be flirty without putting too much effort, I suggest you to give it up to red gingham. I always have soft spot for vintage fashion, they’re classy, elegant and very flirty. Today I chose a very flattering dress from D&G and I matched it with little peep-toe from Steve Madden and adorable Kiss Kiss wristlet from Betsey Johnson. And of course, we must not forget the pendant necklace and red lipstick to complete your vixen look

Out Your Rocker Attitude With

Hello ladies! how was your weekend? I trust that it was full of fun and relax. Now that weekend’s over, time to go back to business and for starter, I would like to introduce you to this eye-candy from Ed Hardy. Found it recently and totally in love. This hobo bag is stylish enough for your casual hang outs and also rocker enough for your wild party nights. Made of PVC accented with rhinestones, it is available in black and white. I don’t know about you but I’m digging the white one

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bracelet is Fun and Fancy

Here’s an eccentric new bracelet to show how much you love them! Available in gold or hematite, this unique and charming letter bracelet edgy and cool, you wouldn’t wanna miss it. Made of mixed metal with sparkling rhinestones, needless to say, they definitely will make fine companion to your worn-out jeans. I’m totally up for this, how about you

Friday, August 26, 2011

Earrings Are Still Cool 2011

In today’s world there are a lot of trends flying around and a lot of them are trends seen over the past five decades. From the early 50’s to late 90’s there are styles coming back to either haunt us or to give a classic vintage flare in today’s fashion world. High tops, spiked belts, sweat bands, leather jackets and even small platinum hoop earrings have all made a comeback.

Diamond Ring 2011

This exceptional ring is crafted in your choice of engraved 14K white or yellow gold. It features one oval cut 5 x 4mm and two oval cut 4 x 3mm alexandrite stones in prong settings. It is perfectly accented with six full round cut diamonds in prong settings.

The total alexandrite weight is 0.80ct and the total diamond weight is 0.09ct (both approximate). The diamond color is H-I with a clarity of I1-I2. The setting size is 9/16″ x 5/8″ with a height of 3/16″. It also has an undergallery for added beauty and comfort.

Part of the Generations 1912© Collection. Includes a one year warranty from the date of purchase. This covers ring sizing, tightening and refurbishing, providing the item has not been altered or tampered with.

All weights pertaining to diamond weights are minimum weights. Additionally, please note that many gemstones are treated to enhance their beauty.

Bracelets For Girls

Your sttink for the infinite Heart and Chain anklet in 14kt Gold could go on and on. (B5924) 9″ $79, 10″ $89.
# Weighs approx 1.1 grams
# Bracelet has a spring ring clasp

Bracelets 2011

Sterling silver charm ankle bracelet investing in hanging grey & yellow enamel dragonflies. (146BCA58) $39
# Weighs approx 3.5 grams
# Spring ring clasp
# Dragonflies hang 1/2″ and measures 1/2″ wide
# Adjustable based on data from 10″-11″ long
Price: $39.00


Darling charm bracelet of 14kt gold dangles a key to your core provided flowers and stars. (B2917) 7″ $698.
# Lobster claw clasp
# Also comes in a 9″ ankle bracelet for $895, please specify
# Made in Italy
# 7″ Bracelet weighs approx 11.2 grams of gold
# More charm bracelets and anklets confirmed below
Item# B2917 $698.00

Very Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs

There are many early learners ladies who do not make very complex designs on their hands or feet and they want to find simple designs that are easy to make. So girls we have very simple but eye catching Mehndi designs that are easy to make but look very pretty on your hands and feet.You can make these designs very easily and in will take less time but give you great look. Some girls like to put mehndi on their palm and some like to decor the other side of the hand we have designs for both sides of the hand and very simple but gorgeous feet design that make your worth in mehndi art.

Latest Bridle Sets Collection

Latest Bridle Sets Collection is the bridal jewelry collection that have all type of bridal jewelry accessories which a bridal need to wear with her bridal dress.Now a days girls are much more conscious about their wear about and when a girl going to be married then she want to put her best jewelry in her very special day when every one look at her and most important her groom.

Here is our very special Latest Bridle Sets Collection that fulfill your need of choosing finest jewelry for your wedding day so check it out!

Diamond Jewelry Rings

Diamond jewelry is the most popular among the jewelry lovers and due to their interest diamond jewelry makers and designers are continuously trying to introduce more and more attractive designs that really like by the people.

Here we bring some incomparable diamond jewelry designs lets check it out for your special day, yes i am talking about you wedding and engagement day.

Costume Jewelry Designs

Costume Jewelry is the most popular among teenage and it is like to wear by girls in every kinds of formal and informal occasions.This is light weighted jewelry that is available in many beautiful designs.If you don’t want to wear gold or diamond jewelry then this is the best way to get perfect look for party that is match with your dress, here we bring some very attractive and unique Costume Jewelry Designs hope you like these very pretty jewelry designs, check it out.

Bridal Party Jewelry

Are you going to be married then we have some thing for you for this special day,yes this very very delicate and precious jewelry set that will make your day.

Easy Mehndi Design 2011 For Eid

Hence one of the best ways out there to adorn you is through the application of henna, or mehndi! Basically, there are two principal types of henna to select from, namely the white henna and the black mehndi. In terms of style and designs, you’ve three major forms to decide from that is to say the Indian mehndi designs, the Pakistani mehndi designs and the Easy mehndi designs.

Jewelry That Will Make You Unforgettable

There is need of an accessory that will suit your style and in this respect you need not to wear lot of jewelry that is one or two enough more than two or three will give you a vulgarian look so be careful while choosing some thing for you that must match with your style.

Earrings For women 2011

Women by nature want to look beautiful and for this she like to wear gorgeous dresses along with beautiful attractive jewelry that make her look very pretty.When you are going to any family or friend party you wish to be most beautiful at that party for this you choose your best dress that relate with latest Fashion Trend And your makeup no doubt the most important thing but your style and look can be polish with the right choice of jewelry that suits your facial shape and earrings that are in round shape suits every kind of face shape as long,round or v shape face try this which suite you best and match with your dress too.

Earrings Adds Your Beauty

Dangle Earrings are mostly like by younger generation.This kind of earrings are use to attain funky and glassy look,Plastic Dangle Earring gives you funky look while gold and silver earrings give you glassy look.

Dangle Earrings are available in many colors and made of many different metals that provide you perfect match with your every color outfits.Some Dangle earrings has hook to support earlobe and your dangle earrings.Dangle earrings are the part of hip hop fashion and from the past till now a days it is constantly evolve but the basic design is same as in past time,But still favorite of every fashion loving lady.

Pearl Necklaces 2011

Pearl Necklace are very attractive for ladies and as well as cause of attraction of guys towards the lady.The value of this jewel determine by the combination of luster and its color as well as lack of surface flaw and symmetry.No doubt silver and gold are ever green fashion but Pear also have special and unique importance in Jewels.

For many people it has religious value as In Hindu sculpture there were first nine pearls were very important,which was first document in Garuda Purana.

Pearls present in eight basic shapes by which designer make wonderful earrings and Necklaces that cast their spell on the observer as well as on the person who wear it.

Three Stone Diamond Rings 2011

Three Stone Diamond Rings are the wedding day special gift for brides from their grooms. Here we bring some really master piece of superb rings that can convey your love towards those whom you care and love. Many people like to wear diamond ring because of their birth stone. Here we are not talking about birth stone we just bring some unique designs of diamond rings consist of three small or little bit larger diamond embedded in many cool designs that definitely catch the eyes of observers and they force to stair at you at least for a while.

Prom Jewelry Sets

Prom jewelry is one of the women favorite jewelry type that they like to wear specially on Prom Parties as well on their wedding.Actually this jewelry type is famous among the ladies of all ages.Here we bring some nice pictures of Prom Jewelry that catch your eyes and when you wear such designs it will make you an eye catching personality that drag the attention of your lovers, if you have complain from your boy friend not taking much interest in you then one effectual tip is to wear Prom Jewelry to get his attention toward you in your prom party.

Indian Bridal Jewelry

Indian Bridal Jewelry is most well like among brides of Asia as well as the people who like to wear Asian jewelry. Indian are very devoted and the designers of India know the taste of women and they know exceptionally well how to decor a bride with superb jewelry. Here we bring some very appealing and eye catching Indian Bridal Jewelry sets that will sufficient to execute your beauty requirements.

Custom Wedding Rings

Just after the selection of your soul-mate your next step is to decide the day or days for your wedding.For your special day you want to go for the search of perfect wedding ring that not an ordinary ring as this will tell people about your feelings for your beloved.Your wedding ring is the best way to represent ownership to your life partner, it does not mean you will bound of your partner but this will the love bound that keep you near to each other. So Custom Wedding Rings are the best wedding rings for your special special day.If you decide to buy Custom Wedding Rings then search it on net to find maximum options for you then buy a perfect ring of your own choice.You can also design your own ring as many online jeweler give you the chance to design your own wedding ring so that you can show your inner feeling rightly.Here are few suggested Custom Wedding Rings designs hope you will like my little effort in this way so take good care of your self with style.

Earrings Trend 2011

Chandelier Earrings Trend
is right now at the supreme and it is time to add these kind of earrings in your jewelry box.Chandelier Earrings are able to bring glamor and femininity to a girls outfit.You can wear it with all kinds of your outfits you want to go with.These Chandelier Earrings can wear with corporate and traditional as well casual wearing.So girls your jewelry box is not complete without Chandelier Earrings.

Every girl want to look pretty and for the enhancement of her style, such as girls wear elegant dresses, stylish shoes and other accessories but the jewelry is the most valuable fashion accessory in which Chandelier Earrings are the most trendy jewelry for a women.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Engagement Wedding Ring 2011

There are numerous designs and makers available in the market, including Platinum Plus Eternity Sapphire Rings, Bezzel Set Diamond Rings or Atlantis Jewel Wedding Rings, but if you are going for its purchase for the first time, then you must be careful that its not only the selection of a shiny and pretty ring, rather, it’s a complicated issue. You may be required to ask so many questions before selection or purchase of the ring. The first and foremost factor is definitely the choice of the bride. If you are not very sure about her choice, probably you are going to land up in the trouble. Few brides have very conspicuous ideas about the rings, and can’t be turned on from it. So it really becomes essential to discuss with your pretty lover, what does she really wants, if she is not really accompanying you for its purchase, with a few of loss of surprise as mentioned above.

Undoubtedly, rings are the most precious asset of women. Women set lot of money in its purchase, so expects the same from men at the time of wedding also. Engagements and weddings without rings are just like flowers without fragrance, so the selection of rings directly determines the love, affection and importance you have for the sweat heart.

Jewelry & Accessories become the part of the whole outfit.

Hand bags add great to the gorgeous look and the feminine appearance if selected with suitable care and according to the trend. There is wide variety in shape, size and designs of the hand bags. While selecting the hand bag the color of the outfits the atmosphere where you have to go with the handbag is kept in mind. In formal occasions the fancy clutches or the hand bag used with fancy bright outfits. Usually the handbag used should match with the shoes give the beautiful addition to the outfits.

The Jewelry & Accessories of course has the key importance in women looks. These are used in all civilization and from ancient times. The different jewel items as the necklace, bracelets, earrings, finger rings all are the used from olden days. But now the jewels for navel, toes, nails and hairs are in fashion.
* While selecting the jewels to spruce up your out fits it must be taken in to consideration that not to be overwhelmed while purchasing the jewels, not to be frustrated in their quantity. Just to think about the quality and the suitability with your outfits. These must be trendy as of simple beads or of some metals.

How To Clean Jewellery

The cleansing of real and artificial jewelry is to be done after a year. It may be by the experts or in home by you with the use of certain techniques. While keeping your jewelry with yourself make sure that it will not scratch or tangled with each other because in this way it get to loose its original shine.

The other things by which it looses its luster are the skin and the body oil combined with dirt and other substances as the chemicals of fragrance to be used. These leave the layer of dullness on jewelry which has to be removed. So to maintain the shine and sparkling looks of the silver, gold, diamond jewelry you have to follow some tips which are as follows:

1. For gold and gemstones jewelry soak it in so propylene alcohol for several hours and then rinse it thoroughly.
2. Make the cleansing solution which contains 1/2 cup of ammonia and two cup of water. Now dip the jewelry in it for few hours.
3. Now take the soft bristled tooth brush to clean the bracelets and necklaces and earrings
4. Scrub the jewelry from all directions from grooves, cracks and crevasses of gold and silver jewelry.
5. Not to use any thing which is abrasive to use or which can make the chemical reaction to the jewels of silver or gold.
6. After cleansing in above solutions rinse it with the warm or cold water thoroughly.
7. Allow it to dry in normal air.
8. Now polish it with micro fiber, chamois or terry cloth to make it shinier.
9. For the more delicate jewelry as for gemstones not to use ammonia, gentle soap is used for them.
10. For silver jewelry the high concentration of ammonia is also damaging. To clean the silver jewelry uses the solution of 2 tabs of soap. ½ tabs of ammonia, and ¼ cup of water, dip in to it the jewelry for some time, scrub it with brush and rinse it with water.
11. For pearls just clean them with some damp cloth and polish them with some vegetable or olive oil.

Have jewelry with ever looking shiny luster.

How to Apply Foundation For Complete Makeup Look

This is the important part of the face, because as you know that the

complete look of face with impossible with out foundation. When you

will see the photo graph that will give you complete and nice look. If

you have the glossy face look then you have to use the compact face

powder, this will give you nice and graceful look and compliment the

skin with the foundation.

This is the base of the face if it will go wrong then all the make up

will not give good result to your make up. As well as you need volume

and you need healthy look for this you have to take care that you

always use the foundation according to your face type.

Before the application of any make up this is important that what type

of product you use and for what purpose you use it for.

This will hide facial imperfections such as scars, depressions and

pigmented areas of your face skin.

Types of Different Foundations

It will use for one pour pose but for different skin type give them different result. Like wise we

tell you before that the liquid foundation use for the dry skin. It will give the complete compliment for your self. and cake

and powder foundation use for the perforce of oily and soft skin. So here we are giving you more ideas that what types of

products and foundation use for what.

cream or Liquid foundation

First we will talk about cream foundation it will give you ideal skin for dry skin. You will use some creamy and most liquid

foundation mostly suit to your skin.You can mix the liquid foundation as well as you can. This will give you moist and give you large amount of freshness on your face.
You can apply it with sponge as well as you can apply the Matt and liquid foundation mix it with together.

You can apply it with sponge as well as you can apply the Matt and liquid foundation mix it with together. This is easy to use, this is available in bottles and you can easily apply it on your face as well as you want. These types of creamy and liquid foundation available in oily and water based foundation.

Now we are coming on the next foundation type that will be look cake or creamy foundation type. This type of cake and soft touch foundation will give you nice dry effect to your skin. It will give you complete look and complement with your skin type. This is best suited on oil based foundation. The cake and stick foundation covers your dense look and scars as well.

This will hide lots of problems of your face because it will give you nice and healthy look and give you great combination of skins.Next is the water proof base foundation, it will give you confidence that you will carry the make up as much as you can. If you want that your foundation will live for a long time then this is the better choice that you can use the things in it.

Eye Makeup Brown Eyes

But you note many of the women use the eye color which have the brown, skin, pink, golden and tea color eye shadows. Because it will give you nice and complete effect of your personality.

Many of the women use this color because it look natural and you can use it in day time and night time as well. But this color give nice and complete effect on the face and personality.

So you can use the different types of brown shades and colors in different ways. But what thing suit on you you have to take care of this thing. When you are going to apply the eye shadow colors you most of the apply two or three colors on you eye but nothing more that.

The thing is you need to know that if you are going for office timing you need to use the maat colors come in light brown and dark brown color but the quantity of the dark brown should be in low in quality. In lighter shades more then darker shades.

But if you are going for the wedding or the party timing in evening use the darker shades and apply golden color as well on it. So these are color that compliments with each other, do not clash with each other. So if you are follow the steps of it you will surly find all the verities in One Colors that is Brown.

For the fashion season of Fall 2011

For the fashion season of Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 designers have used loads of fur in their collections. But the trend itself has transformed a bit shifting from total fur look to fur details. Fur is no longer the focus of collections, it’s more of an accepted and ingrained part of those.

Make Up Trend For Summer 2011

When we talk about makeup trends it means the application of such make which not only matches your face and body features but according to the new styles used by celebrities and buticians. These will change every year and the change occurs not only in their colors but also in their use.

The trendy summer make up should not only with the fashion but also with the seasonal demands. Summer makeup is bit difficult to handle due to the effects of heat which not only cause the perspiration but also open the pores and the extent of perspiration is different at different parts of the face. So the make up applied with the same texture get into patches if not handled with care. So instead of increasing the beauty it will become a hindering factor in beauty.

Right Makeup Brushes For A Professional Salon Look

workman his tools make his work worthy in spite of the skills he has. The make up is an art and this art adds much to your radiant look if beautifully used by the use of right things to make you right.

The make up skills are dependent upon make up brushes. We need make up brushes for each make up product as foundation, powder, blushers and applying shades to the eyes. It is game of using the make up brushes in an artistic way. and each product has its own brush available with the product but this is either small or of low quality in use that make the makeup difficult so for this purpose we have to go to cosmetics stores and take the right kind of brush.

Make Up Spring 2011 Trends-2

Mostly the colors used for spring season 2011 are pink, blue, red, lavender, orange, green,etc and all the shades look adorable. In 2010 spring season pastel makeup used combination of pastel colored eyeshadow but this season the way to go is monochrome. Two hues can be used to combine to create a shadow effect.In order to complete the makeup look for the natural colored blush to define the cheekbones and for a bold colored lipstick or a bare lips look depending on the personal preference. Runway makeup is a perfect source of inspiration.

Top 10 Shoe Trends Fall Winter 2011 2012-5

The color also brown, black, gray, varies, red, purple, green and many more. designs are aesthetically evocative of her exposure to both western and eastern influences. Shoes make your look, personality much attractive and impressive because shoes play an important role in the personality of human being.

You can see below the names of Top 10 Shoe Trends Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012.

These trends brings every season a new brand, latest and unique shoes collection–this collection totally is according to the new are, modern designs and very attractive. Shoe Trends Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 decorate their shoes with rhinestones and shoes of these women are available in different colors.

Fall/ Winter 2011 Hottest Trend

Groups like PETA have done what they could to stop designers using fur in their collections and we can’t say they haven’t reached their goal, at least to some extent. Now around a third of designers prefer making wearable pieces from fake fur. However, when there is demand there is always supply. So, genuine fur is still widely-used because many customers love it, love the way it feels and looks. It’s just a matter of personal opinions and beliefs that an individual choose what to wear.

Rihanna’s sexy bob hairstyle

Rihanna looking nothing short of spectacular at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena ins Las Vegas. She wore her trademark red hair in a voluminous wavy bob.

Take a look at our thoughts on getting a lesson at MAC Cosmetics

Foundation and powder are great for evening out skin tones, but we learned we can do much more than that: we can contour our faces with bronzer. The artist demonstrated how we can highlight bone structure and make faces look slimmer by brushing bronzer lightly around the face. Start with your forehead, swiping it just along your hair line, then come down to your temples, brush just below your cheek bone, then come back to the hair line and swipe a bit more bronzer along the base of your face, where the chin and neck meet. The idea is to highlight your bones by outlining your face. But make sure you blend the bronzer in with your neck, otherwise you may be left with uneven coloring.