Saturday, April 16, 2011

Designer Bridal Handbags

Designer bridal handbags are easy to carry and smaller in size. These bridal handbags are found in an array of designs and colours; most of them are decorated with precious stones, ribbons, crystals, sequins or miniature tassels.

There are mainly three types of

designer bridal handbags,

* Fancy Designer Bridal Handbags – These designer handbags are beautifully designed and ornamented with crystals, beads, or precious stones.

* Clutch Designer Bridal Handbags – These designer handbags are made of satin or silk with an inner lining.

* Structured Designer Bridal Handbags – Typically made of silk, satin or nylon and have a stable bottom with metal clasps and handles.

Always opt for a bridal handbag that accentuates your wedding gown, tiara, shoes and jewellery. Bridal handbag is a great accessory that complements your wedding outfit.

Points to remember while choosing a

designer bridal handbag:

* Select a designer handbag that suits your style and figure.

* Buy handbag, which is easy to handle, don’t go for large ones.

* Select handbags that blend with your wedding attire.

,Should add, a touch o,f sophisticati,on and grac,e to your w,,edding dress.

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