Thursday, April 14, 2011

Applying Nailpolish Tips

Nail enamel looks great on your hands. However, applying nail polish isn’t as easy, and demands patience as well as practice.

Here are a few tips to get that flawless coat on your nails:

First, apply a thin base coat to your nails. This not only prevents nail polish from coming directly in contact with the nails but also averts chipping of nails. The base coat should dry thoroughly before applying nail polish. Wait for it to dry completely.

Now, pick the bottle of nail polish you wish to apply. Refrain from shaking the bottle before use. Instead hold it between your hands and roll it for about thirty seconds. This keeps bubbles out of the bottle and hence helps in getting a smooth finish. Pull the brush out of the bottle gently. Wipe the excess nail polish on the brush along the edge of the bottle. Just ensure that sufficient amount of nail polish has stuck evenly to the bristles on all sides.

Apply the nail polish cautiously to get a smudge free look. Nail polish along the cuticle looks appalling, so keep the brush a little bit away from the cuticle. Apply the first stroke along the middle of the nail. Place the brush at the centre of the nail and then drag it gently toward the free edge of the nail. Similarly, apply a coat to the right as well as left side of the nail. Try to cover the entire nail in three strokes.

In case you cannot make this happen, drag the brush gently along the uncovered areas to fill in. Concentrate on gliding the brush along the length of the nail eliminating any jerks in your movement. Keep dipping the brush into the bottle whenever you need more nail paint.

In this manner you will complete the first coat flawlessly. Allow it to dry completely before applying the second coat. Apply the second coat also in the same manner as described above.

Two coats will help the nail polish stay on your nails for longer. It also helps to get a shade similar to the one displayed on the nail polish bottle. Otherwise the nail colour will appear a shade lighter. This is the appropriate way to apply a seamless coat of nail polish on your

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