Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lawn Frock Designs For Eid

ong frocks and kameez are very much inn now a days. All the designers working on the theam of long kameez and frocks even in bridal couture week, islamabad fashion week long kameez and frocks are seems to very famous and papular. Long kameez looks very nice with the trouser but the frocks looks good with churidar. It seems that you have to purchased much more cloth to stitch the long frock but i have some ideas from which you can make very long and stylish frock for you by using your old fashion suit duppatas .

If you have a talent to do some new than you can make very nice dress for you by using patches of old duppatas. Because dresses become useless after one summer season but the duppatas remain fresh you can use your old duppatas and can make new clothes and designer dress for you. Designs your dress and cut, your duppata, according, to des,igns and ,make pathch,es of it and stitch it i,n your dres,s you will surprised, to seethe res,lts of old and ,new fashion, combinati

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