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Costume Jewelery and its Care

me jewelry has become a desired to many and this is mainly due to its affordability. Gold and diamond jewelry can be quite expensive but you can save money and go for Costume jewelry. The jewelry is not only good-looking but some has gold or diamond coatings that make the wearer get notice from afar. The jewelry is mainly related with youngsters and has become a major fashion. The jewelry designed with creativ
Usually Costume jewellery made from inexpensive materials such as wood, plastic and metals. The jewelry comes in appealing designs that are effective in enhance the wearers look. The jewelry includes anklets, bracelets, earrings and bangles just to point out but a few. This jewelry enables to buy many ornaments that could wear in many occasions and also do not require special care since you can carry them around with ease. With expensive jewelry such as gold, you would only buy one piece of jewelry which you cannot wear to different occasions. Costume jewelry will give attractive look without having to spend muchity and also beautifully fabricated.

exciting look. Lets dig deeper here and see how to get it happening.

The way to add the diamonds to your nails is through nail piercing. Nail piercing is one of the newer things going and for good reason. There are many types of enhancement for your nails. You can use glue to attach decals and designs, or make a hole and attach stones or loops like charms. Another way to go, which we will consider here, is to pierce the nail and insert a stud. Professional piercing tools and techniques are best, but you can do it yourself if you so require. Some people will use a sewing needle and heat it with a candle then stick it through your nail. This is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced.

One nice thing about decorating acrylic nails is that you can do many designs and embellishments before you glue them to your fingers. This allows you to get them just right and take your time using both hands instead of sometimes just using your awkward hand.

Some of the many looks are nail art with flowers, leaves or even butterflies on them. Sometimes people choose less used fingers like the little finger on which to place elaborate art or make a piercing. This preserves and protects the design from too much wear and tear and perhaps even getting in your way if your lifestyle requires demanding use of you hands.

Are you wondering what might be the best design for you and your acrylic nails? Take a l

Cuff Link Jewelry For Men - Designs

When you are looking for the perfect jewelry for men, it should consider cuff links as an option. Cuff links have been worn by men and are becoming more popular in these days. In both professional and personal situations, men have been wearing cuff links which shows a great look in man's personalit

Diamond Carats from Donald Trump to Ashley Judd

ie Antoinette version of a heart diamond, or something like the rock from Kid Rock that Pamela Anderson sported while they lasted? In your dreams choose between white gold rings with 4 carat diamonds and platinum eternity rings that bedazzle with genuine sthree in one? Go on, top your mental charts like Toni Braxton with her oval diamond and heart ring, or a round diamond dazzler like Jocelyn Maldonado’s, or a three-stone diamond setting like Backstreet Boys’ gal Leigh Boniello.

Still reading celebrity gossip? And all the while you read you’re thinking about…DIAMONDS…like American Idol Katherine McPhee and her brilliant 3 carat gem, and Madonna’s 5 carats of round diamonds. And perhaps it’s old news, but the ring n our fingers or twinkling earrings or necklaces or bangle bracelets, because, happily someone invented cubic zirconia – fake diamonds – to satisfy all our glistening dreams.

Be it simple gold cz tennis bracelets or an all out dazzler diamond cz ring in as many carats as your dreamy celebrity creations –you’ll have it if your want it! There aet oval-cut center stone, surrounded by tiny pave set cubic zirconia and set into a rhodium electroplated sterling silver band will cost you not thousands or millions but exactly $65!!

For Pamela Anderson Yellow, try the 5 carat oval cut canary colored CZ stone with clear colored bezel set side stones in a 3mm sterling silver band and prong setti unique and highly unusual ring will cost about $500 to $1,000 depending on the number of stones and how intricate the design, but what you get for that price is all set in genuine metal and if it were real diamonds would be thousands of dollars.

There are some very unusual creations by Hawaiian and Russian jewelers who have online shops that ship internationally. There are also some yellow citrine and cubic zirconia combinations tngs polished to lookre imitations of your favorite celebond cut also used for cubic zirconia rings, but there are many other cuts available with engagement ring settings based on all the best famous designer engagement rings. CZ rings that have been copied from celebrity engagement rings are some of the best sellers today and there are online jewelers dedicated to nothing else.

It is also possible to design your own engagement ring, be it a drawing of your own or based on a model of antique wedding rings you’ve seen or some designer rings that are well known. Try some small shops that advertise online and get unique creations by artists who specialize in working with cz from thei

of wedding season there is virtually no buying of gold

k of wedding season there is virtually no buying of gold jewellery. The price of gold crossed its highest mark in history by reaching Rs31,300 per tola (
grams) on the 17th of this September. When the price of gold reached this level, people completely stopped buying and came in for selling, said Hanif Chand, a dealer of gold at the All Sindh Saaraf Association of Pakistan.
Due to increased rates, Pakistan is exporting instead of importing gold, he said. The yellow metal saw a sudden surge in prices at the start of this month during which the price rose about Rs2,000 per tola. This abrupt upward rush occurred due to bulk buying of gold by India from the international markets. India, which is one of the largest exporters and importers of gold, reportedly did the buying for the upcoming Diwali peak season. Gold brokers say that in the last one year gold has seen a vast increase in price in Pakistan. Last Ramazan gold stood at Rs2while this Ramazan its price rose to the unimaginable Rs31,300, marking a 33 per cent increase, said Chand. This rise occurred in the local market witho

rounded by a sea of 3mm cultured freshwater pearls

tz surrounded by a sea of 3mm cultured freshwater pearls, in a cluster pearl ring design in sterling silver. Artist and jewelry designer George Barse has captured the essential contradictions of cosmopolitan architectural with sophisticated feminine. The gemstones and pearls are genuine, although in fashion jewelry, natural stones and pearls are usually treated tos around another large 9mm one, this sterling silver ring has nothing to be ashamed of.

Its flower petals are delicate hearts, itdesign is delicate and graceful for any young lady teen or tween, as a promise ring or a gift from any loved one. It’s just $79 and has a 4mm pearl and two round-cut diamonds set in a slender 14k gold band. It comes in small ring size so it’s ideal if you’re looking for rings for young girls in classs setting is high polished silverlry too, and they needn’t look cheap to be affordable. In the least expensive designs there’s one piece for under$60 retailing through HSN. It features a round Chinese freshwater pearl in an eternity ring band. It’s simply dripping with sparkle from the pave round CZ gems that accent the 10mm cultured pearl set in sterling silver. Yes it’s a silver eternity ring and pearl ring all, and it sells through HSN for juring, but may be just the piece if you’re not wanting a classic design. This is a genuine cultured button pearl ring with six 5mm pearls separated by .08 carats of white topaz gems in a polished sterling silver, triple-split tapered shank. When it comes to fas5 or 3mm white pearls arranged across an oval dome with a milgrain border in antiqued silver above a high polished sterling band. Perfectly round seed pearls are often only seen in vintage or very expensive antique jewelry, so this is really a find, and it only costs $39 if ordered through HSN. It comes in small ring size 5 as well as 10 and 11. This piece is a high luster seed pearl ring, and customers who have bought it say it’s very comfortable despite it being large, and it’s one of the “Customer Picks” that’s been featured on HSN TV. By the way, if you’re worried about it being too big for your petite hands, I should tell you that I’ve seen this ring on delicate, very slhion pearlhas four large, curved pieces of mother of pearl wrapped around the top of a sterling silver ring with .65 ct. imitation diamond CZ (cubic zirconia). It’s large enough to get noticed as an evening cocktail ror trendy jewelry like pink pearls for young girls, or investment quality south sea pearl designs, or the latest turquoise pearl ring, the shops we’ve recommended in our pearl jewelry series have it all. From real peals by Shecy Pearl Jewelry, to imitations by Bling, Emitations, HSN, Ross Simons, and many other jewelry shops – Jewelry & Accessories has worked hard to bring YOU the very best fashion jewelry rings so you can start buying pearls with ease and confidence. If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, or if you neeing, but feminin ring creations, this piece is hardly co

Indian Gold Jewellery

dian gold jewellery is a very important part of Indian life. It is not just an investment or a dowry but it is also an expression of joy and inspiration and, indeed can be an expression of solace as well.

Gold always holds a special place for the Indian bride and also to Indian Royalty. For a Indian woman, gold is her ‘Stridhan’ or security for the future.

The gold jewellery in various parts of Indian vary quite considerably.

In Northern India the trend is towards the chunkier forms of gold jewellery. Northern Indian women are known also for their tendency towards experimentation in their gold designs. The sacred ornament of marriage, the ‘mangalsutra’ is making a come back as well and more antique and earlier styles tend to be more favored now.

In the south of India jewellery trends differ markedly with gold jewellery being worn and almost flaunted even when the occasion does not demand it.
prised by our prompt and courteous service and our capable assistance. laliyha-promisMost likely the only jeweller in India to give a full money-back guarantee on its gold purchases, Lalitha Jewellery attracts shoppers from Indian and overseas, welcoming them to join its family of satisfied customers.What is Pure Gold ?Gold is a natural metal. Gold jewelry is usually described in terms of caratage which is an indication of its gold content, for example 22 carat or 22K. Pure Gold is 24 carats (i.e. 99.9% pure). Such a metal in its purest state is very soft and impractical for making jewels.To create jewelry that is practically wearable, gold has to be alloyed with other harder metals in the required proportions to make it malleable and durable. It is then called 22K, 18K and so on depending on the percentage of alloy that is added.Gold jewelry used in India are of the following caratag