Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Planning a red wedding that is focused on fun and flas

Planning a red wedding that is focused on fun and flash instead of austerity and sophistication can be really exciting. Rather than having to go by convention the couple can get wild and funky with color style and decoration. The unconventional bride and groom can really play with a lot of different ways to spice up their wedding.

When it comes to bouquet flowers a bride can go with traditional roses or they can step outside convention and choose a wildflowers or Zinnias or Amaryllis. The ways to build the bouquet are another way to play with a fun theme. There are little purse style bouquets being built by creative florists. The flowers are pressed into a ball or square and the bride dangles them using ribbon from her fingertips. The style is very unconventional and quite beautiful.

Decorating the reception and church with flowers is part conventional but for a creative bride and groom using things like fruit candles and even games is a great way to decorate the tables in an original way. Other ideas for the table tops are candy baskets with Red Hots Red Tamales Twizzlers and red candy hearts. If you’re feeling truly kooky try using Jell-O shots as the centerpieces. There are a million other ways to use red in the center of your tables and reception hall.

When it comes to picking out the best shades of red to use in the wedding you’ll find some great tips on Wikipedia to help. Check into their webpage on shades of red. From there you can decide which of the spectrum you’ll want to use. They have from pink to vermilion to see it. Visualizing the colors is a big part of picking the right flowers dresses and decorations.

Many shades of red go well with some colors and look terrible with others. Black is one of the colors that looks great with anything from pink to carmine red. It’s a fantastic way to contrast and get a very dramatic bi-color look. Other colors like gray forest green eggplant and even teal can look wicked with various reds on the color wheel. One of the best options to choosing shades is to visi,t paint s,tores and ask ,for swatches. With paint, swatches you, can compare,, colors next to each other.

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