Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Hair Cuts

Wedding haircuts need not to be long only, you can have a beautiful short or medium cut hair and look picture perfect on your wedding day.

Long Wedding Haircuts
One of the most classic styles of long wedding haircut is to allow the hair to hang freely. It doesn't matter if the hair is straight or curly. This is one of the most popular wedding haircuts. Long wedding haircuts will make for a gorgeous wedding picture!

Short Wedding Haircuts
Pixie hair styles, short or extra short, are all the rage. Brides, who choose short wedding haircuts and will be one of the trendiest brides ever. Short wedding hairstyles can bring out the youthful spirit of its wearer. This style can be tailored and graceful. Another popular short wedding hairstyle is the traditional short bob. Many women are wearing this style, but adding a little spin onto it.

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