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Pakistani Bridal Styles

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Pakistani Brides

Pakistani Brides 2009, Pakistani Bride Makeup, At this time are a number of designs, which actually assist you for choose clothing on your Walima daytime.

You know how to decide any single of these being plan and may also make a decision to do change in these designs. Pakistani Brides Walima dresses be more often than not in glow insignia most correctly the color, which you can wear on this day, is green, peach and sky color.

At the same time as by Makeup request get mind of concerning the color of dress, which you are leaving to wear on your Walima day.

Art lips


Now a days lips designing is a hot trend in today,s life.I am displing some of them.

Lips In Modren Design


Now a days lips designing is a hot trend in today,s life. I am displaying some of them. You can try on yourself with any dress for a great party or function.

one of the momentous thing of bridal accessorie

is one of the momentous thing of bridal accessories. As we know that jewelery is as important as the bridal dress. Jewelery includes a lot of items like necklace, Bridal tiara, Bengals, bridal rings and pazeb etc. Well, jewelery fashion changed according to the era and time. You can see a lot of jewelery items in the market. Jewelery also vary on the basis of metal form which it is made. Like Golden Jewelery, Diamond Jewelery, White Gold Jewelery, Platinum Jewelery and much more.

Pakistani Bridal jewelery is very famous for its wide range of styles, designs and subtle. Handmade jewelry is very special item among all round the women in any event or celebration. But it is very popular in Pakistan. It plays an important role in wedding attire. Some of these styles are mixed with western styles to produce great combination of gold and precious stones wedding jewelry, as well as for everyday wear.

Women buy or make their Eid Dresses more

e Eid with Christmas or New Year in importance. Celebration for Eid includes festive food, festive dresses, gift giving and giving money to the poor. Celebration also includes going to the mosque and reciting Takbeer. Men wear perfume and their best new or cleaned clothes.

Women buy or make their Eid Dresses more than a month before Eid. Eid, Mehndi and Bangles go hand in hand for women in Pakistan. Women buy or make their Eid Dressesmore than a month before Eid. They also contact mehndi designers to ensure that they have beautiful mehndi designs during this time. Bangles are likewise important to compliment the Eid dress and mehndi designs in their hands and feet.

More is more this season when it comes to adorning your arms with jewelry – bangles to be exact. Bangles have been around for hundreds of years, but they are more fun and versatile than ever right now. Nothing is quite like glass bangles. The luminescence, elegance, and unique sound is unmistakable. Though completely unique and ethnic, glass bangles are easy to add to your everyday style. Undoubtedly, bangles complement the dress of a woman. Wearing bangles is like adding one more feather to your cap.

For women bangles are an important part of their eid chora. In this post, we have collected some latest bangles designs for your pretty hands. We hope that you will like this pos

any of you are surprised by the fact of

any of you are surprised by the fact of existing of earrings especially for children.Unfortunately very often little girls are offered with standard earrings models without thinking about complicated insets or patterns can catch hold of something and really injure babe’s earlap. Jewelry’s big size or heavy weight are to be considered as potentially dangerous factor, too.

But for jewelry destined for young girls, traditionally very high requirements are applied. Children’s earrings usually are designed with small size and accurate form preventing possibility to snatch at child’s clothes and injure her.

Earrings are jewelry attached to the ear through a piercing in the earlobe or some other external part of the ear. In western cultures, earrings have traditionally been worn primarily by women, although in recent decades

tattoos designers are famous f

enna designs in the world but most beautiful henna mehendi designs are found in pakistan and india or bangladesh which are south asia countires in these days the mix of henna designs tradition which known as henna mehndi designs art henna festivals are organize in different countires tattoos designers are famous for their job.they are expert to create beautiful henna the 2010 here are lot henna designer who create beautiful henna tattoos.henna art designs are the best designs in the world.The designer of henna mostly creattive designers.wh

which known as henna mehndi

enna mehndi designs.pakistan mehndi designs .henna art henna gallery designs.there are lot of henna designs in the world but most beautiful henna mehendi designs are found in pakistan and india or bangladesh which are south asia countires in these days the mix of henna designs tradition which known as henna mehndi designs art henna festivals are organize in different countires tattoos designers...

is not always compulsory that a beautiful and

is not always compulsory that a beautiful and graceful dress be always expensive. While the same holds true for the bridegroom as well, it is not that an expensive affair for him. Majority of the pakistani bridegrooms prefer to wear chridaar pajama or kurta and sherwani. They take special care to ensure that their attire goes well with the traditional environment of the wedding event. Most often than not, pakistani brides wear burkhas even on their wedding day. However, it does not hamper the gorgeous look of the bride in anyw

catching a little beauty sleep

a nap. “I think Paris is a perfect place to sleep in,” joked Kate. Hard to fault them for catching a little beauty sleep: They touched down in the City of Light for a party to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Breathless—and they’re recently designed T-shirts and film posters for it—at the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré home of the U.S. Ambassador. Parisian friends Stefano Pilati, Nathalie Rykiel, Olympia Le-Tan, Musée de la Mode’s Pamela Golbin, Sarah Lerfel of Colette, Michel Gaubert, and Alexandre de Betak joined the sisters (pictured, with Ambassador Charles Rivkin and Suzanne Tolson, above) for a fête that felt like a meeting of a new Franco-American Fashion/Film Club. Sound master Gaubert recalled a recent trip to Russia with Anna for a screening of her new Coco Chanel biopic: “We were all in this garage and they didn’t have subtitles, so there were Russian actors speaking the parts live.” As intriguing was Stefano Pilati’s revelation that he commissioned photographer Ari o direct the short that’ll open his YSL Spring ‘11 menswear show later this month. “But,” he teased, “I won’t tell you the plot.” YSL skateboarders, perhaps? Ths themselves moved from one toile (that’s French for flick) project to the next. “We just did the costumes for Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan,” Kate told us, their first film costume job. A “shared aesthetic” with the director was essential, said Laura, adding that designing for film can be a stretch technically. “Some of the actors had to be

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Bob HairStyles

New Year & fresh hairstyle go hand in hand. By the transform in year or season, a variety of hair cuts keep on altering. Near by all the new hairstyles is the edition of elderly beloved. Guys & Girls together have untied themselves to latest & fashionable outlook by trying diverse hairstyles. An individual can have an inimitable appear with the exact hairstyle.

At present the stipulate for fresh hairstyles, petite haircuts & lengthy hairstyles is growing in the fashion planet. Lots of extreme and stylish petite fresh hairstyles have approaches up both for guys & girls. Some of the mainly accepted new hair cuts for guys are murmur cut, pierces, spikes, chaotic cut, butch cut, bunch cut, club cut, intermediate fade, low fade, shag, graduation, short taper & bald. Bald is measured to be the mainly marvelous style in these days.

New Generation guys are more mindful for trying imagining marvelous haircuts. In the most recent years little hair cuts for girls have also turns into trendy because lots of celebrities have toggled over to short hair dos. There is a vast choice of small new haircuts for women to fit every character. Bob hairstyle; choppy crop, bob textured, sprite cut, blunted bob, wave bob and small shag are the most famous between them.

Not only guys & girls are part of the fashion planet. Children are also energized & mindful about fresh appears & latest styles. Guardians favor short haircut for kids because they are very active & their hair cut should not obstruct their enjoyment time. Once when kids achieve their teenagers they grow out more to the style styles. They try to duplicate fashions and looks of superstar and other famous person. Now a day’s spikes & crew styles are in style for young boys. Young girls favor extends of shoulder length hair or rigid ponytails. These amusing & new kids’ hair cuts are at the forefront of eternally saloon or parlor.

Wavy HairStyles

To create sexy waves with lots of volume you will need some old-fashioned setting techniques combined with new haircare technology.

1. Wash you hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner – these products will swell the hair shaft, so creating thicker hair.
2. Apply a tennis ball-sized blob of volumizing mousse to the hair, combing it through so that each strand is coated. Dry the hair but not completely – it should be about 80 per cent dry.
3. While the hair is still hot from the hair-dryer, divide it in eight to ten sections and wind around large rollers. Continue to blow dry until it is completely dry.
4. Remove the rollers but don’t brush. Instead, tip your head upside down and spritz a little volumizing hairspray through the roots.
5. Shake the look out with your fingers. Again, don’t brush, as that will flatten.

Chocolate Brunette Hair Tips

This rinse will not ruin your highlights but instead will make your brown color deeper and more vibrant. Do not use a coffeemaker to prepare the rinse, as the concentration of coffee won’t be strong enough.


* 2 cups purified water (do not use mineral water)
* 5 tablespoons dark roast ground coffee
* 1 ounce black chocolate


* 1. Boil the ground coffee in two cups of water in a shallow pan for 10 minutes.
* 2. Add the chocolate while the coffee is hot. Let the mixture cool and carefully soak your hair with the flavorful blend. Beware of the spills!
* 3. Cover with a non-PVC plastic shower cap, wait for 10 minutes, rinse off, and shampoo as usual.

Hand sanitizer Benefits

It is really surprising that our hands can acquire over 10 million microorganisms daily. By killing most of them with the help of hand sanitizers will surely prevent illnesses and deceases.

Before, many surgeons perform surgery without even washing their hands, that’s why the death rate due to infection was very high during those times. Major communicable deceases spread from one person to another without even realizing it. Therefore, it is required by law that all medical personnel and food handlers to wash their hands with soap and water before working and after visiting the bathroom.

It is recommended to wash hands with soap and water most of the time. Surgeons wash their hands with antibacterial soap and water before putting their gloves on. It simply shows the importance of hand cleaning, most especially when gloves are punctured. However, when it happens, it’s good to know that your hands and your health are still protected.

Your traditional hand sanitizer normally contains alcohol which destroys germs even the good bacteria. It contains alcohol substance of at least 65% that considerably kills almost 99.9% of all types of viruses and bacteria. However, there some facts reveal that killing 99.9% of germs is not considerably healthy. This is because not all germs are harmful to human body. Resistant flora is the good bacteria found in our intestinal tracts and skin that control and protects us from bad bacteria. In addition, alcohol based sanitizers content makes the skin dry and easily penetrated by germs and bacteria therefore your skin is more prone to infection.

Nevertheless, it is ideal to protect your kids with The Germinator foaming hand sanitizer. This is the foaming hand sanitizer organic products from Babyganics. It prevents the risk of poisoning, especially when your kid puts his hands on his mouth. This is because foaming hand sanitizer dries faster compared to the traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Organic products from Babyganics are specifically formulated to effectively disinfect your kid’s hands and protect him from harmful bacteria while leaving the skin healthy and soft.


6 Choices for Affordable Healthcare

Author: Rudy Wilson

Serious health issues can cause you to be labeled as uninsurable. Cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and obesity are all too common in our world today. These health concerns are causing thousands to be declined for health insurance. It is a challenge for individuals with pre existing conditions to find uninsurable health insurance or pre existing condition health insurance.

Pre existing conditions can sometimes make you uninsurable and will limit your health insurance choices. However, there may be ways to provide you with coverage. By using creative insurance planning, combined with knowing and understanding what is available, you can greatly reduce the potential financial strain on you and your family.

Let’s say you do locate a health insurance company that will provide you with healthcare coverage. Expect to pay more than someone with no known health problems. Also, the coverage will probably be limited in scope. So here’s the bottom line, if you do find health insurance coverage, it’s probably best to take it until something better comes along.

If you are uninsurable, let’s take a look at some of your options. Listed below are some choices. Which option you choose to explore is dependent upon your individual situation.

Group Health Insurance

If available, this is by far the best choice for those with chronic health concerns or pre existing conditions. This is guaranteed issue health insurance. Group health coverage is generally provided by an employer, so usually the employee has little or no choice concerning the features. The principal advantage of group insurance is that coverage is typically available to newly hired employees without any medical questions or concern for a pre existing condition. However, coverage typically ends when the employee’s job ends. Group coverage can sometimes be available, even for the self-employed, if coverage can be obtained through a spouse’s employer.

Professional Organizations

A professional organization might offer members a health insurance program as a fringe benefit. This coverage could be a way to stay insured if you are uninsurable. Health insurance for preexisting conditions or health insurance for the uninsurable is not easily obtained. A paid membership may be all that is required to start a health insurance plan. You may be required to have certain career experience or a certification. Other associations might accept membership from anyone interested in joining. Even if membership is expensive, it still may be money well spent.

Private Individual Health Insurance

Individuals with pre existing conditions, who are without health insurance coverage from an employer sponsored plan or a professional organization plan, will probably find private insurance a little pricey. Insurers can and do decline a request for coverage from someone who has preexisting conditions or if they are uninsurable. As stated earlier, if you can find health insurance coverage, even if somewhat limited, it’s probably best to take that coverage. You can always switch to a better plan should the opportunity present itself.

State Risk Pools

For individuals who have serious medical conditions, some states allow access to either private individual health insurance for uninsurable or health plans for uninsurable. These plans are defined as high-risk health insurance pools. Individuals in these state risk pools have access to comprehensive private coverage plans. However, the premiums can be very costly, often double what private health insurance would cost for someone who is healthy. Individuals may find enrollment is closed to a new enrollee or the state pool has a long waiting list. These high-risk pools are often the last resort for people who have serious pre existing conditions and are paying exorbitant fees for their insurance, or who are able to meet key state conditions for enrollment.

Discount Health Cards

Consumers seeking affordable healthcare will find many companies selling discount health cards. It is stated that these cards can save you money. They offer discounts on prescription drugs, doctor’s visits, hospital trips, eye care, dental and other medical services. But do they really save the consumer money? These discount health cards can be confusing because they are not real health insurance. Medical bills are still the responsibility of the consumer. The cards offer a discount on services from healthcare providers who agree to accept the price terms. Sometimes these health cards make inflated promises about the expected savings and benefits. It’s best to use caution when purchasing these cards. Often they cost more than the money you save.

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Known as a “mini-med” plan, this coverage may be ideal for those who have pre existing conditions or who are uninsurable. Most guaranteed issue health insurance plans are affordable and cover preexisting conditions after 12 months. Usually no medical questions or physical exams are required to start this coverage. Guarantee issue health insurance is not basic health insurance or major medical coverage but offers limited indemnity coverage. Simply put, the plan pays a defined amount for each service and procedure. Most plans allow you to choose your medical provider and they pay in addition to other insurance coverage. Usually covered are doctor visits, emergency room visits, hospital charges, surgery, accidental death, etc. These plans are not the same as “discount health cards”.

Rudy Wilson is an avid proponent of affordable health insurance and a researcher of guaranteed issue health insurance plans. To learn about the guaranteed issue health insurance plan that Rudy recommends after extensive research, visit now.

Men Fashion Trends Winter 2010

Author: tiantian

January 21, 2010 in Paris men’s week formally opened. Over the past three days have passed, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton, so that – Paul Gaultier, and many other brands in the world men’s 11 first-line appearance. Paris men’s week in the season drawing to a close the occasion, in addition to an exciting fashion show in a memorable people, the people also felt a profound fashion men’s world “casual” is popular.

    Women’s pursuit of fashion fabrics and luxurious or unique colors vary, and not of men’s weeks like the past, stressing the excellent cut and style of the noble, 2010 in Paris men’s week seems to have become some “urbanization”, people aspire to be fashion-free Service is not and match with the nature of the simple. As a result, some men never appeared before show Taiwan’s “novel” elements have become the protagonist of the 2010 Paris men’s week.

    Well-known fashion designer to – Paul Gaultier’s show sets itself into a boxing ring, and some models were put on boxing gloves, some covered with boxer, “exclusive” in silk hooded cloak, Some wore boxer “dedicated” slippers … …

    The famous French fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent, Italian designer Stefano Pilati is also a surgeon, the city to develop their full flavor. Whether duffle coat or overalls with striped shirt and leisure coat folds mix of both the audience clapping wow. Designers to abandon the upload button in favor of a slightly exaggerated, silver pins, fashion shows have become a whole field of “finishing touch” … …

    In the Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Kenzo, Dior, Dunhill and Hermes of the show on stage, hoodies, pants, Bermuda, skirt and high to help shoes, thick leather shoes and other “street equipment” have also become eye-catching element of … …

    Can not help asking, beginning in 2010, Men’s Fashion world why there is such a change? Perhaps, as the designer Gaultier said, is to promote a “more chic also rich in interesting” dress mode. Maybe some media analysis, such as France, as the financial crisis to make fashion more “civilian-oriented.”

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Emo Hairstyles

Author: Jamie Hanson

Emo means expressing your inner feelings with your outer appearance. It is noting but an emotional you, meaning your emotional state of mind, which may be arousing, touching, affecting or exciting. Emo can be expressed by hard rock music, dressing, your comfort level and even your hairstyle, what you call is emo hairstyles, again depending upon your emotional state of mind.

Emo Hairstyles are hot and happening with a trendy and a stylish look. Everyone has his/her own emo style, no need to copy what others do, it’s just your own trendy approach towards fashion.

To get that hot, punk emo look all you need is a pair of scissors and any hair color die box. The colors vary from brighter shades of blue to red-maroons or even pink, which are highlighted on your hair to give you a hi-fi emo look. You can have several emo styles on short as well as long hairs.

While going for an emo hairstyle, you need to be least bothered because you are not going to have a particular or a typical hair cut or style on the contrary it’s a crazy cut with hair all over and any how. Emo is getting common and popular now-a-days with an uncommon and an unpopular cut. Mostly emo guys and girls color their hair black and go in for an uneven cut which gives them a punk look. Now, to have a more of trendy look this black hair is given highlights with all vibrant shades of color. Highlights of blonde and gold to light brown on a jet black hair also looks smart and fashionable. That’s emo hairstyle.

Emo hairstyle can be done by any body, like your friend or even your little sister can do it, no need to meet a professional hair stylist for this. The more uneven it is, the more emo it looks.

The only thing to be kept in mind is the face, for emo hairstyles, most of the face is covered. Just dye your hair and cut it in such a way that the hair in the front is longer and covers your face and the hair at the back can be given a razor cut for those spiky and pointy ends with a creepy look. To enhance the emo hairstyle further, you can use hair gels and hair glues. Applying hair glue to the front shabby pieces of your hair gives a perfect emo look. You can apply gel to the back of your hair to make it stand away from you, this suits if your back hair is short and spiky. If you have long bangs behind just apply gel and glue in a combination that gives you a unique look, remember the more shabby and spiky look the better is the emo hairstyle.

Emo hairstyle is the cheapest hairstyle as it does not require any professional hair stylist to do it for you, nor do you require any highly priced hair dyes to color your hair, what you want is to just chop off your hair and highlight it with different hues of colors. Now you need to just dress your hair by straightening it up. A flat iron can do your job. Straight hair not only adds style but shows the layers and cuts within.

So, what are you waiting for, just take a pair of scissors and a hair color and give the Emo look to yourself.
Get more hairstyles ideas for emo boys and emo girls at

Women HairStyles

Hairstyles Tips: How to Avoid Split Hair

Most of the ladies fond long hair often encounter split ends as a problem. Despite doing a trimming on your own but often fail to prevent split ends from occurring again over your beautiful hair. Those who seriously want to know how to get rid of split ends must initially know what the split ends stand for and how they develop. So are you ready for this?

Actually dry and brittle hairs are the most susceptible ones to get victimized of split ends. Dying the hair with harmful chemicals and doing jerky combing or brushing over the hair cause splits ends, which each affected woman wants to get rid of anxiously. Lets have a look at the major causes of split ends.

* Dry scalp.
* Exposure to UV rays.
* Use of harmful chemical products and excessive dye.
* Lack of nourishment.
* Vigorous brushing and random combing.
* Use of combs and brushes made of metals.
* Brushing wet hair.
* Uncovered elastic bands.
* Use of satin pillows.
* Excessive use of hair dryer.
* Random trimming.

Also known as trichoptlosis, the split ends are a common problem occurring over dry and brittle hair. Providing a protective cover to the strands of hair is the cuticle which keeps our hair healthy and beautiful, maintaining its natural shine. Such conspicuous cuticle, if damaged, due either to random brushing, combing or applying chemical dyes on hair always fails to perform its defensive role. Such a failure on a part of cuticle in providing proper protection to the hair causes the hair to split into different ends, commonly known as split ends.

The beauty and hair-conscious women getting paranoid of such split ends on their hair seek to learn how to get rid of split ends for ever without bothering to trim them again and again. Keeping in view an embarrassment you women must be passing through regarding split ends, we are presenting over here the simple haircare tips on how to get get rid of common split end problem.

1. Provide The Moisture To Hair – Though all the market shampoos claim themselves to contain sufficient moisturizer, it often proves to be a false commercial propaganda. Hence get yourself acquainted only with a moisture-providing shampoo so as to prevent your hair from getting parched or dried and develop split ends latter on. As we are seeking to learn how to get rid of split ends, applying good conditioner is the only way to get rid of split ends.

Wash you hair regularly with the shampoo and apply conditioner thereafter in order to provide the hair with sufficient moisture and prevent the split ends from developing on your hair. Shampooing and applying the conditioner on your well-washed hair accomplishes all the defensive tasks which only the natural cuticle of hair performs, providing us complete protection from common wear and tear. So just after washing and conditioning your hair, cover the bunch of your hair with a towel for ten to fifteen minutes of time. Let your hair dry naturally without using dryer and then comb over them. Handling your hair once a week with such a great care has got to help you get rid of split ends efficiently.

2. Massage the hair – Massage your hair with a Luke warm natural oil such as olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil in order to get rid of split ends. Just after massaging your hair with Luke warm oil let the oil be absorbed completely by your hair and scalp. The penetration of Luke warm oil will provide your hair with plenty of moisture and thus help you get rid of split ends efficiently.

Another effective way to get rid of split ends is penetrating the oil deep into the hair through steaming process. Boil a glass of water and mix in it the oil. Now pour it slowly and with a great care over your head and let it be spread all over your hair. Let it be absorbed by your hair which in turn will make your hair supple, soft and strong, immune to common split ends on hair.

3. Comb your hair with a care – Neither brush you hair with a great jerk nor comb it randomly. Handle your hair with a great care while combing or brushing in order to avoid the split ends that have got to accrue due to harshest treatment meted out to them through careless combing or brushing. Never brush or comb your hair when they are wet. Being too mild to be uprooted or broken, the wet hair develop split ends losing the natural cuticle(preventive cover) of hair.

Teen Hairstyles

When we are teenagers, it is the time in our life when making impressions is usually first priority. Thus having the new style of cloths, the new shoes, and of course the new teen hairstyles. From junior-high to high school, we are always in classes with out peers, at lunch with our peers, at dances with our peers, and so many other occasions, thus we are always in the impress our peers mode. As each year passes there are new clothing styles, new looks, and new teen hairstyle ideas to go with these new trends. Of course it all leads up to teen prom hairstyles, where everyone is trying to get the best and most popular teen hairstyles that are perfect for prom. Teen hairstyles can change as often as the seasons. Although most are simple dos we can do at homes, some include layering, coloring, and other teen hairstyles that match the celebrities or other idols that teens pick up on.

Teen Celebrities

Teens have some of the biggest resources for Teen Hairstyles. Teen hair styles usually mimic celebrity teen hairstyles, magazines, and whatever is the most popular and trendy look at the time. Pop stars and boy bands start many trends. Watching MTV and other teen favorite shows allows many styles to come about. Two popular magazines, Teen Magazine and Seventeen Magazine, are good sources for find teen hair styles that are new and trendy. The also have internet website counterparts that can spread the most popular teen hair styles from the big cities to the smaller ones.

Hair Style Tips

Your hair could speak volumes about your personality. Carry your hair with elegance; try out some popular and unique hairstyles – hairdos from the old classic varieties to the contemporary hits. There are hairstyles for short and long hair; men and women; for formal occasions, weddings and prom. You could also try out the “Berry magic”, the Whitney Houston hair style or the Naomi Campbell flicking ends.

Before going for a new cut, new style and color, just browse through some of these general tips and advices on cutting, curling, straightening and coloring your hair. You could even change your appearance dramatically with hair makeovers.

Is your hair dry and damaged? Is your hair graying? Are you suffering from hair loss? Follow some of these simple, easy, natural and effective home remedies to maintain the health and vitality of your hai.

Fashion trends 2010 swimming wear

1. Not as tightly fitting as a larger number of ‘spray on’ monokinis their season, Amanda Wakeley’s grey one-piece pairs a deep neck chain among cut-away sides.
2. A two-piece amid boob-tube, presently bikini by Carmen Marc uses the cut-away tendency surrounded by subtlety. All the same, these types of cutaway briefs are a good amount as opposed to eye catching.
3. A monokini by Carmen Marc, their swimwear piece is equally as softer as the aforementioned two-piece, but far a good amount demure.
4. Similar to Amanda Wakeley’s grey one-piece (1) this moment screen-printed monokini is of Miss Sixty.
5. The the majority of luxurious of the pieces featured, now almost-two-piece monokini on Gottex pairs a halter-neck top, joined briefs, and gold piping.
6. – 10. are all on the one catwalk that screamed sex, decadence, and youth; the one catwalk overly so much grabbed my eye at New York Fashion Week; Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring/Summer 2009. With adequate cut-away as opposed to you can perhaps wear within the duration of Summer, these types of are knock-out pieces the current you are not necessarily likely to need to get wet.

Chinese New Year

China Fashion

Let’s be honest here, I wouldn’t think about Chinese New Year the various monumental festival of the year, apart for my assured sttink in on ‘ang baos’.

Still, making Chinese and everything, possessing a small amount of traditional dresses wouldn’t burn right?

2010 Fshion Style


2009 Jewel Embellishment Trend It’s not the mostly bit bejewelled pieces undergo been heard a hit throughout the beyond few years. But in 2009 properties send back brighter, bolder, and larger number of elegant. This little bit all over pieces are not merely embellished but often fully encrusted by jewels; the feeling is luxurious, exotic, and yet the glamour will be something understated. Click right here to looked at a larger number of on the jewel-encrusted clothing trend.

Homemade face masks

Facials increases and improves natural cellular regeneration by aiding in faster cell renewal of skin. They hydrate, moisturize, exfoliate, nourish each facial mask recipe is unique in its ability to bring life and glow to your face. The skin can benefit from a facial mask. A homemade face mask is a mixture of natural ingredients mixed together to make a mask for one’s skin at home itself. Skin is very sensitive factor so we can take prevention with proper maintenance and care.

Face masks are of two types a relaxing mask and a stimulating mask. There are so many company products are available for face masks but they containssome amount of chemicals which are harmful to skin. At the contraversy the homemade face masks are made from the natuaral ingredients and it is very helpful. Face Masks have an deep cleansing action on the skin, removing impurities, wastes and dead skin cells.

Different types of homemade face masks

Dry skin will benefit from hydrating masks made from glycerin, honey and oils. Masks should stay on for 10-15 minutes.It should follow with a cleansing and a thin layer of moisturizer.

Grind 1 tablespoon almonds into a fine meal in a blender or food processor. Mix almond meal together with 1 tablespoon honey and 1 egg white. Apply to face and let set for about 15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth.

Mix 1 1/2 teaspoons honey, the juice from 1/2 of a lemon, and 1 small carton plain yogurt. Stir in 1 whipped egg white. Apply to face and let set about 15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth.

The aspirin face mask have a great anti-inflammatory potential, both preventing it and clearing out the existing ones.

For a facial scrub, moisten oatmeal to a goo use it to scrub your face. Wash off with cool water.You may also make a paste of the oatmeal and allow it to dry..remove with cool water.

Add one egg, half cup of cooked instant oatmeal and one-teaspoon olive oil and make a mixture. Apply it on the face and let it dry and then rinse it off under ordinary water.

Strawberry Mask – Carefully rinse strawberries with lukewarm water and dry with a clean cloth. In a small bowl, mash fruit with fork.add cream and honey. Mix well. Apply the paste generously to face and leave on 2-0-30 minutes. Rinse well.

Two tablespoons of cornmeal mixed with enough water to make a thick paste makes a great inexpensive facial mask. Gently apply to face and wash off.

The best facial mask is honey. Use warm cloth to open pores, smear on honey, belay on 15 to 30 minutes, rinse off with warm water, and then use cold water to close pores.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to apply eyeshadow

Image Source: nessasarymakeup.blogspot

Prime your eye lids in a loose translucent powder.
With an eye shadow brush or sponge applicator, sweep a daylight color from what i read in your brow to your lashes.
Use a medium tone based on your lashes to the crease of your eye lid.
Contour your eyes by paying a darker tone in the crease of your eye lid. A minor brush drives perfect for currently step.
Using a small, flat angled brush you can series your eye providing the same dark color this you expended in the crease of your eye. Add drama to your eyes by utilizing a wet brush for presently step.
Blend the paints up amongst a brush. Never use your fingers or you can wipe the color ideal off your lid.

Holiday Makeup Looks

Holidays are the best way to indulge in leisure activities. People usually hangout with friends or attend parties to socialize and to relax. Though it is the holiday time and everybody is in a mood to unwind, don’t forget to spruce up your look with make up as this is the best time for you to look good. The hectic daily routines of life do not provide much opportunity to pamper your self with care and attention. Thus, holidays become the most appropriate time to garnish yourself and surprise people with your splendor. In fact, it can even turn out to be a good opportunity to make your holidays memorable, as you vie to gather compliments. So, for some cool holiday make up looks, read the tips given below.

Look for a Hangout
If you have planned an outing with friends, aspiring to have fun and relaxation at the same time, a light- makeup-look works best for you. As it is a casual affair, you should concentrate on being your real self, making efforts to gel with your pals. Wear a golden sheer gloss on your lips, while work your eyes up with a glossy, sheer pink cream eye shadow. Apply a matt finish light pink blush on your cheek bones. For finishing touches, apply a coat of deep brown or black mascara on upper as well as lower lashes.

Cocktail Party Look
For a cocktail you can definitely splurge in terms of make up and exhibit your skills. Usually a dramatic look is the best to wear for a cocktail party. For eye liner, you can use shades like midnight blue, kohl black or chocolate brown. The shadow should also be in accordance with your liner. Do not forget to apply a base to accentuate your eyes. Besides, you can team this with purple shade for lips.

A Black Tie Event Look
For a semi formal party, your look should be classic as well as playful. For such a look apply a saucy pale pink or rose colored lipstick. For the cheeks, apply a glowing subtle yet shimmery blush, which would not pull too much attention. Your eyes can be the center of attraction, as you can try the smoky look. Put eye liner on both the upper and lower lashes. Team it with an eye shadow primer and shimmery shadow to complete the look.

Makeup For Older Women

You may be above 40 but there is no reason, why you should look so. So here are some tips and tricks for mature women to conceal their age effectively and look young forever:

  • Use a stiff bristled brush and blush to line the lips rather than a lip liner pencil that helps your lip color to stay put longer and prevent it from bleeding or feathering.
  • Use loose translucent powder with a powder brush only once in the morning to set your makeup as reapplying it again and again can accentuates lines and wrinkles. Use a fluffy brush alone for the touch up.
  • Use a highlighter to de-emphasize jowls (the lines from the edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth).
  • Use a non-frosted powder under the chin to de-emphasize saggy neck. Choose a shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone.
  • Frosted eye shadows can actually make you look younger but be sure that you are expert at handling them properly. Use the lightest shade under your brow, a darker one close to your lashes and the darkest on the crease and blend them properly.
  • Be soft and subtle in the choice of makeup and colors for the youthful look or get professional help!
  • A foundation with a lighter-textured base that matches your skin tone is a must.
  • Use concealer generously to cover up any aging lines or blemishes.
  • Use cream blushes in golden almond and copper tones and blend them gently from cheeks to temples in an arc for a soft transparent effect.
  • Blends of pink and gray eye shadows soften graying hair.
  • Use a soft eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color and never ever use black eyebrow pencil.
  • Use soft matte lip colors in pink, berry, coral or peach shades to make your lips fuller.

Party Makeup

It’s party time, ladies. So play with all that glitz, glamour and sparkle you have been craving for and give in to opulence and the fairy-like shimmer dreams. Here are some tips and ticks to use, next time you do makeup for the party:
  • Light base, foundation and cover assists you in highlighting your lips and eyes and also keeps you fresh all through the sweaty dance numbers.
  • For a good base, wash you face with warm water and massage it with a tinted oil-free moisturizer mixed with illuminating products such as highlighters or shimmer dust available in the market. Let it set by brushing loose powder lightly on it.
  • Skin illuminators are great at hiding skin imperfections and dark circles and give you a radiant glow.
  • Smokey eyes are great for evening parties and make you look sexy and sensual at the same time.
  • For Christmas parties, choose sparkling red outfit or the right shade of red lipstick that makes you look hot and sophisticated at the same time.
  • For more informal parties, you may use subtle play of colors; daytime makeup looks and may add a little eye shimmer or minty green as an accent. Omit the luminous makeup and may try a blend of pale pink and green shades.
  • Remember, your personality and confidence matters more than you looks, so try the makeup only if you are comfortable with it.
  • Rubbing ice on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes before applying makeup helps your makeup to last longer.
  • Golden, bronze and silver liners add festive touches to your makeup instantly.
  • For office parties, sheer use of blush can make you look dressy and yet polished.
  • Pearly brown, gray and pink lip colors look classy and subtle at the same time.

Bridal Beauty

Every bride deserves to be the very special lady of the day and look her best. The hairdo, the makeup, the bridal trousseau and how the bride conducts herself is the focus of everybody’s attention on this day and you will certainly feel much more comfortable, if you have already done the dress rehearsal first. Here are some useful tips for the bride:
To cover the reddish skin, use sheer color corrector and apply tinted moisturizer of yellowish green or olive green shade to neutralize it.
Pink color blush is not for the wedding day, generally speaking. Try bronzer under cheekbones instead.
Bright lip colors may be warm such as orange-red, orange-gold, copper and warm beiges, creams and caramels or cool such as fuchsia, magenta, blue-reds, shades of lilac and pink and make lips look plusher and fuller.
Deep warm lip colors such as yellowish and orangish browns; mahogany, deep warm reds and chocolate and deep cool shades such as cool brown, taupe, deep purple, plum and blue-toned burgundy underplay too much thickness of lips.
The subtle look can be achieved by using the air-brush a lot and sticking to light shades such as cream, gold, lime green and brown for warm skin undertones and lilac, plums and soft pink for cool skin undertones.
Neutrals are the safest choice to make you seem a bride endowed with natural beauty.
Be sure to coordinate you overall look: all the colors should have either warm or cool tone while your hair, make-up, jewelry and gown should correspond to the carefully chosen theme.
Hairstyle is usually chosen, after completing the makeup to suit the looks of the bride.
If you are not used to wearing heavy makeup, keep your hands away from blue and green eye shadows.
For olive and dusky skinned ladies, maroons and brown lip colors are the safest bet as well as the golden tones.
Hairstyles are often adorned with pearls, rhinestones, flower buds, golden lace, satin ribbons, jeweled hair bands and tiaras among other hair ornaments and may range from the simplest French braid or bud to complex and elaborate hairdos.
Bridal makeup includes all the attention to the minutest of details. Don’t overlook them for the finished look.
A timeless makeup look will keep your wedding snaps fresher forever, so try not to give in to the fads of the day.
Cream foundation with a high pigment level is recommended.
Don’t forget to cover your neck, chest, area behind your ears with foundation and makeup too.
Morning weddings need natural look makeup while evening weddings need more formally adorned brides with darker makeup shades.
Lighting also determines your makeup. A well-lit area uses lighter colors while deeper tones are good for darker areas. Fluorescent lighting will add a greenish tinge to everything so avoid green shades.
Try not to be too dramatic but there is a secret seldom revealed: red lipstick makes teeth appear whiter!

Daily Makeup

Applying cosmetics on a daily basis may make the women feel more confident but may not be a good idea for sensitive skin. Only quality products should be used for routine use and choosing cosmetics is an important step towards skin care and health. For daily purposes, powder cosmetics are preferable as they keep the shine under control and have lesser preservatives and skin irritants than liquid ones. If liquid foundation is an item you cannot possibly cross out, opt for one with a silicone base as it does not cause acne. The makeup remover to clean out waterproof cosmetics also wipes out the protective layer of sebum from the skin, so use waterproof cosmetics only occasionally.

Never use cosmetics that have crossed their expiry dates. Normally, life span of mascaras is about three to four months, foundations and lipsticks last for one year while powder and eye shadows last for about two years. It is also important to wash and clean brushes and sponges regularly. Black mascaras and eyeliners are dramatic and also the least allergenic of all colorants. Pencil eyeliner and eyebrow pencils that are wax based should work for daily use and they can be cleaned off using only water. Light earth tones not only give you a natural look but are less likely to cause skin irritation than the darker colors.

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor 15 or higher and ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to avoid harmful effects of UVA rays. Cosmetics with fewer ingredients are much safer, so for daily use, opt for cosmetics that have no more than 10 ingredients. Remember, nail polishes are not for daily use. For a quick pedicure, scrape the dead skin off the soles of your feet after shower using an emery board, rub them over with lotion or olive oil or petroleum jelly and push back the cuticles of your toenails. To maintain them, wear socks all the time. If socks make you feel hot, cut the toe section and ankle section of your socks. You can do a quick manicure in a similar fashion too and maintain them by wearing socks or gloves at night.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup is transfered of pure minerals on the earth. Unlike slow liquid foundations, mineral roots undergo a powder consistency but are that much weird as opposed to your ordinary pressed powder. Mineral makeup roots suffer the same insurance as liquid, without the oily twist it you may be exhausted to. Mineral makeup is all expected and is produced up of crushed minerals and inorganic pigments at last found in nature. They contain no oils, and are sunlight on your skin. This is best if you own sensitive skin.Not clearly performs mineral makeup submit fantastic coverage, but it has furthermore been heard discovered to be fantastic for your skin. Since Mineral makeup contains no oils it is lowered probably to clog your pores and lead breakouts. There is furthermore a likely SPF discovered in many mineral makeup overly would let pass up sun damage on your skin.

Another one of the desired good things of mineral makeup is overly it will not run off your deal with in the heat such as several liquid foundations. Mineral makeup is top notch in humid weather, so continuing to if you sweat, your makeup ought to carry on in place.

Most severe cosmetic firms are initiating this own lines of mineral makeup. Most lines add foundations, concealers, blush, eye shadows, and still eyeliners in the various popular colors for the season.

Once you try mineral makeup you would not wish to go going back to average roots and concealers. The advantages of mineral makeup far outweigh how traditional makeup has to offer.

Chanel Makeup


Chanel make up is of notable quality. After all, it is made by a designer brand with a highly esteemed label. In addition to make up, the Chanel brand graces fragrances, fashion wear, accessories, sunglasses, and purses. You can buy Chanel make up in boutiques, department stores, flagship stores, and online. Buying Chanel make up online gives you flexibility and convenience, but you can’t try on the colors until they get to you. Chanel make up isn’t just for fashion models and celebrities, and prices are less than you might imagine, although it can be quite a splurge for many. Here’s how to buy Chanel make up.(Via:ehow)

Party Makeup Tips

(Base): Prepare your face by exfoliating and moisturizing it. If your skin doesn’t have any major problems. Use a tinted moisturizer and a translucent powder to get a matte finish. It is more than enough as a makeup base. If you have oily skin, keep in mind that your look will need touch- ups, so take the powder with you.In case you have skin problems, try to hide your flaws. Use a concealer to hide the dark under eye circles, foundation that matches your skin type and skin tone, and a powder to get the matte finish. Make sure you have the proper products to hide your flaws, the wright shade and texture.

(Eyes): The eyes are the main part of a makeup. To make sure it will be long lasting look, use a primer. It will keep the eyeshadow in a perfect condition and it will make it a vivid shade. Don’t be afraid to use stronger colors, since in the evening you’ll look more pale. The face needs more contrast to get noticed, so make sure you emphasize your eyes more than you do with the day makeup.Use waterproof eye liners and mascara, but be more careful when removing them. The waterproof cosmetics are harder to remove, and if you don’t have patience to make it properly, you’ll damage your skin. Use eye makeup remover products that will help you out with these stubborn cosmetics.

(Lips): If you prefer having tinted lips, and not only some tinted lip balm or lip gloss, than go for a lip pencil. Using it as a contour, it will stop the lipstick from getting smudged, and if you use it as a lipstick base, it will make it long lasting.

(Note): Keep in mind that a party makeup ha to be more bold, more vivid and long lasting. Don’t be afraid to use colorful eyeshadows to make stronger looks, primers and waterproof cosmetics to make it long lasting. But don’t forget to remove your makeup in order to avoid the early aging effects.

Sleep Wear


Once the baby is born…well, you may have heard this before, but there’s no harm in you hearing it again, because if you are anything like me it didn’t really sink in the first time. Living with a newborn baby is very tiring, and you need to get your rest – and lots of it – whenever the baby is resting. Keeping a spotless house, running marathons, and cooking four course banquets can wait until things settle down, and that may take a while.

My ‘baby’ is over a year old now and I had a two hour afternoon nap when she did yesterday. I don’t do it every day, but it is a great way to recharge once in a while, and remember, when you are breastfeeding, sleep (as much as you can get!) is just as important as eating well in keeping up a good milk supply. So you need to make your sleep a priority too!

Here at Queen Bee we busy busy mums have found co-sleeping seems to give us the best night’s rest. Just attach baby when they stir and go right back to sleep…but basically every mum needs to decide exactly what works best for her and her baby. Don’t listen to anything anyone else says about how often your baby should be feeding or how much they should be waking at night. Remember, every mother and baby pair is unique!

So, seeing as you’re going to be spending plenty of time in pyjamas, they might as well be comfortable and stylish. We have a great range which will take you from pregnancy through to the early months of breastfeeding your baby.

Sleeping Wear(Beautiful Dreams)


Getting a good night’s rest is not always the easiest thing, especially when you are pregnant. Suddenly your pre-pregnancy pajamas and nightgowns no longer fit like they used to with restricting waistbands and tops that are tight in the bust and tummy. Soon even your husband’s undershirts cannot cover your belly and hardly look sexy on your changing shape! But before you dive into a sleep deprived depression, refresh your wardrobe with some comfortable and flattering maternity sleepwear picks that can ease your ride through pregnancy and motherhood.

Hair Cuttery

It may be challenging to cut African American hair, based on its texture and porous nature. Black hair is also exceedingly fragile. In order to straighten some of the curls, to obtain an even cut, it is best to wash your hair before cutting it. Most salons won’t cut African American hair before it’s washed. Typically, black hair is cut while it is wet.

You will need sharp shears. Your shears should be easy to manipulate. If you are left-handed, consider purchasing shears that are especially made for left handed users. Shears that are designed for haircuts can be purchased from a beauty supply store.

Begin by washing your hair is and parting it into the first section, using a wide-toothed comb. The teeth for the comb should have rounded edges, to prevent snags and breakage. Gently comb through the section, being careful not to tug or roughly pull through snags. Your hair is most fragile while it is wet, and it is more prone to breakage at this point. You should then be able to use two fingers in a scissor formation, and easily slide them down the waft of hair from the root to the tips. When you reach the desired area to cut, hold your cutting shears in the opposite hand and cut the hair straight or at a slight angle. If you are simply clipping the ends of the hair, cut directly above damaged areas or split ends. To achieve an even cut, take a small part of hair from the previous cut and use it to measure the next cut.

Continue this process until the desired length is reached. Comb through the hair and make sure that the cuts are even. You may want to use a water bottle to re-hydrate dry areas. Use your two fingers, in a scissor formation, to re-evaluate the length in certain sections. Typically, you may want to have a longer hair in the back and shorter hair on the sides. Use a hand-held mirror to see the back of your hair. You may want ask a friend for help in reaching some areas. If you would like a blunt or an even-cut, it’s best to sacrifice damaged hair by cutting it. Don’t try to save hair that is damaged, simply to add length to your style. The damaged hair will eventually break off, ruining your efforts. Keep in mind, that your hair may appear shorter when it is dry. Therefore, if you are cutting healthy hair, you should cut it at a length that is just a bit longer than your intended length.

You can dry your hair by sitting under a hooded dryer, using a blow dryer or letting it air dry. Hair that is relaxed will straighten further by using a hooded dryer or a blow dryer. In order to prevent breakage, take special care when blow drying your hair while combing through it. Check your hair periodically to make sure that all sections are dry. Once your hair is dry, you are ready to curl it or style in your new cut. Enjoy your new cut, and save money and time by cutting your own hair.

Women’s Designer Handbags

One of the most desired trends in fashion are women’s designer handbags. Women who want to be in style clamor over names like Gucci, Coach, Chanel, Balenciaga, Hermes and many others. These high fashion bags cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. They are carried by the rich and famous because these are some of the only people who can afford them. You may wonder what is so special about these handbags, and why they are so expensive.

The first thing you should know is that you’re purchasing a label. A name. The more sought after the label, the more the item will probably cost. And, if there have been photos of celebrities carrying a bag it is likely to be expensive and hard to get. Even though these handbags are made with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, for the average Jane a designer bag is just not practical. After all, there are probably better ways you can spend hundreds of dollars. On the flip side, buying one of these bags can be an investment if you take good care of it.

Diamond Studs

Metal: 14K gold
Metal Color: Yellow or white
Stones: ¼ C.T. T.W. round diamonds
Setting: Prong
Color Rating: I-J
Clarity Rating: I2-I3
Closure: Post


You’ll be beautiful properly diminished to your toes amidst such a 14kt Gold cable link anklet. (B5926) 9″ $75, 10″ $85.
# Weighs approx 1.3 grams (in the 9″ length)
# Anklet has a spring ring clasp
# More ankle bracelets established below