Monday, March 21, 2011

New York Fashion Week

It’s Foxy Brown, New York Fashion Week began with a mistake, he should have a nail salon kicks to finish.

According to TMZ, a party planner with the best female MC Joe is not going to progress, the designer at Fashion Week Indashio for Wednesday (Feb. 16) was expected. The event, Red Bull Space in New York City is the fashion show after-party. Foxy clock 20.01 The next day (February 17) minutes before the event closed to drink.

Foxy on one of the toilets, he refused to leave the individual strands. It was removed by security and building together.

However, Foxy Brown is another version of this story.

“History is a fiction,” Foxy is a “I went to the club when I was not drunk. It is a lie. There was no noise, there was no drama, I was accompanied by physical security. ”

Designer Indashio drunk people running around like a fox, surprised, but I was talking about the event. In fact, report designer HipHopDX was happy to see the Fox Boogie. “I was so happy to see” Indashio said. “Foxy ultimately it was the perfect way to end the night.

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