Monday, March 21, 2011

Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week features supermodel Lily Cole, Kilian Kerner’s funky suits

German designer and inventor Gockel Fashion Week here in Berlin on their winter 2012 collection, with English supermodel Lily Cole on Friday after 15 years of her label, to celebrate.

Cole opened the door and closed the show seems appropriate, especially the simple, brown, black and beige. strapless, chocolate brown covered with gauze in the 1950′s style cocktail dress in brown, lace, – her last part of one of the most impressive to see.

22-year-old redhead, but the straight hair and wore a grim expression on her husband with a model with a smile, curly hair, high waisted pencil skirts, short camel colored jacket, red and black dress wrap abstract-print suggestions.

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