Saturday, March 26, 2011

Indian Gold Jewellery

dian gold jewellery is a very important part of Indian life. It is not just an investment or a dowry but it is also an expression of joy and inspiration and, indeed can be an expression of solace as well.

Gold always holds a special place for the Indian bride and also to Indian Royalty. For a Indian woman, gold is her ‘Stridhan’ or security for the future.

The gold jewellery in various parts of Indian vary quite considerably.

In Northern India the trend is towards the chunkier forms of gold jewellery. Northern Indian women are known also for their tendency towards experimentation in their gold designs. The sacred ornament of marriage, the ‘mangalsutra’ is making a come back as well and more antique and earlier styles tend to be more favored now.

In the south of India jewellery trends differ markedly with gold jewellery being worn and almost flaunted even when the occasion does not demand it.
prised by our prompt and courteous service and our capable assistance. laliyha-promisMost likely the only jeweller in India to give a full money-back guarantee on its gold purchases, Lalitha Jewellery attracts shoppers from Indian and overseas, welcoming them to join its family of satisfied customers.What is Pure Gold ?Gold is a natural metal. Gold jewelry is usually described in terms of caratage which is an indication of its gold content, for example 22 carat or 22K. Pure Gold is 24 carats (i.e. 99.9% pure). Such a metal in its purest state is very soft and impractical for making jewels.To create jewelry that is practically wearable, gold has to be alloyed with other harder metals in the required proportions to make it malleable and durable. It is then called 22K, 18K and so on depending on the percentage of alloy that is added.Gold jewelry used in India are of the following caratag

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