Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diamond Carats from Donald Trump to Ashley Judd

ie Antoinette version of a heart diamond, or something like the rock from Kid Rock that Pamela Anderson sported while they lasted? In your dreams choose between white gold rings with 4 carat diamonds and platinum eternity rings that bedazzle with genuine sthree in one? Go on, top your mental charts like Toni Braxton with her oval diamond and heart ring, or a round diamond dazzler like Jocelyn Maldonado’s, or a three-stone diamond setting like Backstreet Boys’ gal Leigh Boniello.

Still reading celebrity gossip? And all the while you read you’re thinking about…DIAMONDS…like American Idol Katherine McPhee and her brilliant 3 carat gem, and Madonna’s 5 carats of round diamonds. And perhaps it’s old news, but the ring n our fingers or twinkling earrings or necklaces or bangle bracelets, because, happily someone invented cubic zirconia – fake diamonds – to satisfy all our glistening dreams.

Be it simple gold cz tennis bracelets or an all out dazzler diamond cz ring in as many carats as your dreamy celebrity creations –you’ll have it if your want it! There aet oval-cut center stone, surrounded by tiny pave set cubic zirconia and set into a rhodium electroplated sterling silver band will cost you not thousands or millions but exactly $65!!

For Pamela Anderson Yellow, try the 5 carat oval cut canary colored CZ stone with clear colored bezel set side stones in a 3mm sterling silver band and prong setti unique and highly unusual ring will cost about $500 to $1,000 depending on the number of stones and how intricate the design, but what you get for that price is all set in genuine metal and if it were real diamonds would be thousands of dollars.

There are some very unusual creations by Hawaiian and Russian jewelers who have online shops that ship internationally. There are also some yellow citrine and cubic zirconia combinations tngs polished to lookre imitations of your favorite celebond cut also used for cubic zirconia rings, but there are many other cuts available with engagement ring settings based on all the best famous designer engagement rings. CZ rings that have been copied from celebrity engagement rings are some of the best sellers today and there are online jewelers dedicated to nothing else.

It is also possible to design your own engagement ring, be it a drawing of your own or based on a model of antique wedding rings you’ve seen or some designer rings that are well known. Try some small shops that advertise online and get unique creations by artists who specialize in working with cz from thei

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