Thursday, March 17, 2011

First of all select a dress according to the fashion

First of all select a dress according to the fashion, era and mostly to your personality. It is not essential that every style will be suitable for you.
Match shoes with your dress, select a heel shoes because it will give your legs a charming and smart look, Heel shoes are also increase romance in your environment.
After that go and have a suitable makeup. Base, Eye makeup and lipstick are very prominent within your makeup, so do it very carefully. Remember that don’t make your face completely artificial with makeup and don’t have completely natural look.
Now make a suitable hair style according to your face, dress and fashion.
Select some jewelry if you have and like it, it will add your personality. Devote some devotion on your nails and apply a match colored nail polish having pleasant smell.
Now you are ready for a cheerful date, any celebration and anything else which you want. Go and enjoy pleasant and charming environment with yours romantic mode.
kin Care Tips for Fashion
Skin care involves very much in fashion. If you have rough and untypical skin then it will decrease yours beauty and attraction. Serve some devotion on your skin and make it smooth and fair by means of full body facial. You can also increase your skin moisture by doing massage with a high quality moisturizing lotion. It will help you in some extent if you haven’t facialnature and

At the end I wanna advice you, be careful for you and your personality. Because, we increase the universe’s beauty and make it pretty for living. Don’t reduce the love, beauty and romance from

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