Thursday, March 17, 2011

the bullion rate is Rs16, 411 per 10g of gold, the price

the bullion rate is Rs16, 411 per 10g of gold, the price forK gold would be amount, or Rs10Bargain for the right price if you notice an anomaly.
Typically, reputed shops also display the price of 22K and 18K gold, along with the bullion rate
Most branded shops don’t factor in this fluctuation as they sell at MRP. However, the MRP can change from time to time.

If you wanna buying diamonds, the price fluctuation is not much. In fact, the pricing of diamonds is determined on totally different factors, carat, clarity, cut and colour. Keep in mind that each of these can be measured. Obviously, diamonds of greater weight (carat), clarity, brilliance in cut and colour will be more expensive. Sandeep Kulhalli, vice-president of Tanishq, the jewellery business group of Titan Industries Ltd, “The most famous price reference chart for diamonds is thur marriage anniversary, you obviously want to gift your wife a beautiful gold ring, necklace or breslet. You find for the one that matches her beauty, you may not care too much about how much it costs you. At all costs, you would want to gift the perfect piece—in terms of beauty as well as authenticity.

This is why you need to look so before finalizing that ring or necklace. If you are going for branded jewellery, it is not an issue and you simply pay the minimum retail price (MRP). To get the right price and authentic jewellery from your local family jeweller, you need to understand how the metal is pe one published by Rapaport. However, the prices

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