Thursday, March 17, 2011

functions, and some use in routine. Some ladies wear t

very common in Indian women and in Pakistani women. It is also represent the culture or a custom of India and Pakistan. Girls use anklet usually with tight trousers (Pajama) and with lehnga or sari. In some cities women after marriage mostly wear anklets. Some girls only use in functions, and some use in routine. Some ladies wear two. But routine user only wears one anklet. It looks very beautiful with Khusa.

Bangles are also very common in ladies of India and Pakistan. It is sign of married woman (suhagun). In Islam it is strictly stress upon the use of bangles. It is said that you are forbade to take water from the lady whose arms are vacant from bangles. In India bangles are also very special jewelry and use mostly even more than in Pakistan. I also like bangles very much. Bangles are available in different varieties and colors. It is made of glass, plastic, silver and gold and also available in stone and diamonds. The bangles which are mostly used are glass bangles. The gold bangles are given to the bride on her marriage. It is the part of their

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