Saturday, March 26, 2011

exciting look. Lets dig deeper here and see how to get it happening.

The way to add the diamonds to your nails is through nail piercing. Nail piercing is one of the newer things going and for good reason. There are many types of enhancement for your nails. You can use glue to attach decals and designs, or make a hole and attach stones or loops like charms. Another way to go, which we will consider here, is to pierce the nail and insert a stud. Professional piercing tools and techniques are best, but you can do it yourself if you so require. Some people will use a sewing needle and heat it with a candle then stick it through your nail. This is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced.

One nice thing about decorating acrylic nails is that you can do many designs and embellishments before you glue them to your fingers. This allows you to get them just right and take your time using both hands instead of sometimes just using your awkward hand.

Some of the many looks are nail art with flowers, leaves or even butterflies on them. Sometimes people choose less used fingers like the little finger on which to place elaborate art or make a piercing. This preserves and protects the design from too much wear and tear and perhaps even getting in your way if your lifestyle requires demanding use of you hands.

Are you wondering what might be the best design for you and your acrylic nails? Take a l

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