Saturday, December 18, 2010

Men Fashion Trends Winter 2010

Author: tiantian

January 21, 2010 in Paris men’s week formally opened. Over the past three days have passed, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton, so that – Paul Gaultier, and many other brands in the world men’s 11 first-line appearance. Paris men’s week in the season drawing to a close the occasion, in addition to an exciting fashion show in a memorable people, the people also felt a profound fashion men’s world “casual” is popular.

    Women’s pursuit of fashion fabrics and luxurious or unique colors vary, and not of men’s weeks like the past, stressing the excellent cut and style of the noble, 2010 in Paris men’s week seems to have become some “urbanization”, people aspire to be fashion-free Service is not and match with the nature of the simple. As a result, some men never appeared before show Taiwan’s “novel” elements have become the protagonist of the 2010 Paris men’s week.

    Well-known fashion designer to – Paul Gaultier’s show sets itself into a boxing ring, and some models were put on boxing gloves, some covered with boxer, “exclusive” in silk hooded cloak, Some wore boxer “dedicated” slippers … …

    The famous French fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent, Italian designer Stefano Pilati is also a surgeon, the city to develop their full flavor. Whether duffle coat or overalls with striped shirt and leisure coat folds mix of both the audience clapping wow. Designers to abandon the upload button in favor of a slightly exaggerated, silver pins, fashion shows have become a whole field of “finishing touch” … …

    In the Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Kenzo, Dior, Dunhill and Hermes of the show on stage, hoodies, pants, Bermuda, skirt and high to help shoes, thick leather shoes and other “street equipment” have also become eye-catching element of … …

    Can not help asking, beginning in 2010, Men’s Fashion world why there is such a change? Perhaps, as the designer Gaultier said, is to promote a “more chic also rich in interesting” dress mode. Maybe some media analysis, such as France, as the financial crisis to make fashion more “civilian-oriented.”

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