Friday, June 24, 2011

Eye Makeup Brown Eyes

But you note many of the women use the eye color which have the brown, skin, pink, golden and tea color eye shadows. Because it will give you nice and complete effect of your personality.

Many of the women use this color because it look natural and you can use it in day time and night time as well. But this color give nice and complete effect on the face and personality.

So you can use the different types of brown shades and colors in different ways. But what thing suit on you you have to take care of this thing. When you are going to apply the eye shadow colors you most of the apply two or three colors on you eye but nothing more that.

The thing is you need to know that if you are going for office timing you need to use the maat colors come in light brown and dark brown color but the quantity of the dark brown should be in low in quality. In lighter shades more then darker shades.

But if you are going for the wedding or the party timing in evening use the darker shades and apply golden color as well on it. So these are color that compliments with each other, do not clash with each other. So if you are follow the steps of it you will surly find all the verities in One Colors that is Brown.

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