Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kundan Jewelry 2011

Author: Hiral Vyas

In the Modern world Indian Jewelers has maximum creative designs because of India comes in the one of best persevering and innovational countries. The devoted designers are experts to prepare all types of jewelry designs whether it is simple jewelry or most touchy ones with complex designs. Nowadays kundan jewelry is become a one of the most highly involved jewelry in India.

Kundan jewelry is made by highly refines gold and capable to called Kundan in India. Kundan is not only just gold which is changed into jewelry but it is depend on the precious stone which set by jewelers. kundan jewelry is not only made by solid gold but The center part of it, is made of natural resin.

Many people think that kundan jewelry is a old fashion jewelry in India because the style of the jewelry is still same which will made in earlier time. But nowadays Indian designer made most attractive designs in kundan jewelry using many precious stones engrafted on it. Currently in the market high range of kundan jewelry is available. The stunningly designed kundan jewelry is indeed a revel to the eyes. Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are the commonly used stone in kundan jewelry.

At the ancient time kundan jewelry was the ownership of the kings and the queens. Today there is very large stage to buy kundan jewelry for all people who fall under high-income groups. Kundan jewelry style is inspired by “Mughals”; and today it is most favorite jewel for Indian bridals.

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