Monday, February 28, 2011

gs both the bride and the bridegroom have to spend a lot

rest of the world. On Pakistani weddings both the bride and the bridegroom have to spend a lot of money to prepare there bridal dresses, jewelry, shoes and makeup etc. Bride has not been contains only one dress there are a large quantity of dresses with different styles.
On the other had the bridegroom prepares only tow or three dresses. Most often have been seen that the Pakistani brides use to sear there marriage clothes for 6-8 after there marriage. So they are carefully selected from a huge variety of the latest styles and bridal Fashiondesigns. These are highly stylish bridal dresses of latest fashion for every class of people.
Sharara,Ggharara,LlehngaCcholi, or Angrakha, these barat day dress or wedding outfits are available in a wide range of colors and styles. The bridal dresses come with matching jewelry and other accessories like hand bag or matching pouch, shoes and variety of many bridal stuff. All these wedding dresses are Prepared and embroidered carefully by highly professional designers, tailors and skilled workers of Pakistan fashion industry.

Embroidery works for these Bbarat day dress or wedding outfits include combination of different embroidery styles like Gotta, Dabka, Dora, beads, thread work, produce elegant, modern and traditional wedding dresses. Prices are also often not affordable for everyone. With the innovations of latest designs, color combination and high quality fabrics stand for the high prices of the bridal dresses. Boutiques and designers for Pakistani bridal wears have earned recognition worldwide in a short span of time by introducing new, innovative, m

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